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Going About It The Wrong Way

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Okay, so this is my problem. I was on the right course to losing weight and about a year I lost my motivation due to a very bad break up which left me in a state of depression for many months. Afterwards I started school while working which left me no time to go back to the gym. While I haven't gained any of the weight back, I'm determined that I would like to lose about another 39 more lbs. Currently, I weigh about 220. I actually like the way I look. I'm pretty chunky which has given me a whole new confidence boost and way more attention from men then what I was used to. But, I decided that I want to weigh less because I cannot for the life of me ever remember being under that 200 lb mark. Life is definitely better for me now than it was many years ago.


Here's the thing: While my eating habits have completely changed since the surgery, and since joining the gym, I CANNOT lose the weight. My usual calories burned at the gym ranges between 500-600. And since noticing no weight loss, I have upped my calories burned to about 750. My question is: Am I am eating enough? With the amount of calories I'm eating, how do I know if i'm eating enough or just simply doing something wrong?





1 egg with cheddar cheese



Tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat



Caesar salad with croutons, caesar dressing, bacon bits (not a lot) and once in a while with chicken


Snacks (not every day)

Smart foods White Cheddar Popcorn

Honey BBQ chips (I never finish the whole bag in one round)


What can I do to confuse my body. It's been 3 weeks but clearly I should've seen a difference.


If anyone has any input I'd greatly appreciate it. Shold i go back to 3 shakes a day and a salad?


Sigh, wishing I knew....

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Do you take any medications? Just asking because many meds can slow or even hinder weight loss. I would definitely up the protein to about 100 grams daily.

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Up your protein and water intake and lower your carbs for a few days. That should shake up your body. If that doesn't work, lower the protein and up the carbs..but keep up that water intake! Everyone I've read about says that water is the KEY to losing weight.

Good luck! :)

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I would try tracking your food again through something like myfitnesspal.com just to see the exact amount of carbs, calories and protein you are consuming. Of course, not following their guidelines for calories & carbs because they are much higher than someone with a sleeve should be eating.

I would start with one 100% Whey Protein Shake at least a day, get rid of the chips and popcorn, croutons add more lean protein.

Work out routines must be varied. If you are used to walking 30 minutes a night at a certain pace, that because part of the norm. It's not "added exercise". The less you weight the more exertion you need.

Besides cardiovascular, try adding weight training, lifting small weights, doing lunges. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it may seem like you are losing slower, but muscle boosts metabolism. Most of all make sure you are consuming your 64 ounces of a water a day.

Good luck!

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