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    I have two adult children and one 12 year old grandson.
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    I like watching most Pro and College Football and Basketball games. Also watching my reality shows.
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    Clerk- USPS
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  1. Dansha

    6 Months out and done losing!

    KUDOS!!!!!! Job well done!!! You absolutely ROCKED YOUR SLEEVE!!!!! Deb
  2. Your results are amazing. Keep up the great job. Deb
  3. We all went thru the "what ifs" It is perfectly normal. What helped me was staying focused and positive Also what keep me calm was my belief in GOD. YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!! We will be thinking about you tomorrow. Good luck and best wishes on the new you. Deb
  4. Dansha

    ** HELP **

    Hi Tamz, I was in the hospital one day and took off from work 2 weeks only becuz I could. I felt fine, I even stopped my morphine drip at the hospital becuz I figured why take it if I am not in any pain. I also didn't have any gas pains, no trouble swallowing, no nothing. Good luck on your journey!!!! Deb
  5. Looking good. Keep up the awesome work. Deb
  6. Dansha

    Oh Dear, Oh My

    WOW. How scary. Glad you are OK now. Good info for ALL of us to remember. Deb
  7. I am 9 months out and I never have taken a PPI. I have zero issues concerning acid reflux. I did ask my surgeon about a PPI because of this forum, but he said if I don't need it he didn't see a reason to use it. So far so good. Deb
  8. Dansha

    6months out down 75lbs

    Dang girl..... Looking good!! CONGRATZ Keep up the great job. Deb
  9. Dansha

    I've lost a pound!!!

    Congratz on the weight loss and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D :D Deb
  10. Dansha

    Staying Hydrated

    I am 8 months post op and have been drinking fluids as I did pre-op for several months now. For example I can drink 20 oz. of Water in a couple of minutes. I have zero problems drinking or eating anything. Good luck on your journey, Deb
  11. Congratz. You are in for a wonderful journey Deb
  12. Leslie, girl....... WOW. You are a true testimonial for those contemplating the sleeve. My hats off to you EXCELLENT JOB. Deb
  13. Dansha

    My new NSV!!!

    OH YEAH!!!!! Happy dance. Wow..... size 8. LOVE IT and We love our sleeve. Deb
  14. Congratz on the weight loss. That is truly awesome!! Deb
  15. Dansha

    58 years too old for VSG?

    I say you are never to old. We have lots of living to still do peeps. GO FOR IT. Deb

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