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  1. Hi guys. I remember when I first became interested in having WLS, especially the sleeve since I had never heard of it before, the first place I went to was YouTube. Man..... oh man hundreds of videos on weight loss surgeries. People describing their weight loss victories and seeing them week after week shrinking before your eyes. It was very inspiring and motivational to me. I thought I want to be someone's motivation when I have my surgery. I'm going to document with video from the hospital to goal weight on YouTube. I got to thinking maybe some people on here might have some videos on YouTube that I can subscribe to and other people on here as well might be interested in viewing them too. Please speak up so we all can be more motivated. Thanks, Deb
  2. Dansha

    Why me?

    I am so glad to hear you are in the hospital getting the proper attention you need. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Keep your head up!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) Deb
  3. Dansha

    6 Months out and done losing!

    KUDOS!!!!!! Job well done!!! You absolutely ROCKED YOUR SLEEVE!!!!! Deb
  4. Dansha


    Everything is all GOOD!!! I think I am the furthest out than any one in this group...... 10 months as of 5 days ago. I am holding steady at 180 pounds down from 321 a year ago. Currently not trying to lose any weight becuz I trying to let my mind and body catch up with each other. Plus I am trying to see if my saggy skin will bounce back alittle before losing again. You know what....... it has!!!!!! Woo hoo. So like I said before I'm good and happy with my progress thus far. Deb
  5. Your results are amazing. Keep up the great job. Deb
  6. Congratz, you are now part of the sleever family. Good luck on your journey!!!! Deb
  7. Dansha

    Is this head hunger?

    I believe she is still pre-op. Deb
  8. Yes, I paid my 250 dollars at the time of my registration. It's all good. Deb
  9. Dansha

    One Year Anniversary

    WOW!!!!!! YOU LOOK GREAT. Good luck with everything. Deb
  10. Congratz on getting your date for surgery. You will LOVE YOUR SLEEVE!!!!! Please keep us posted with your updates. Deb
  11. We all went thru the "what ifs" It is perfectly normal. What helped me was staying focused and positive Also what keep me calm was my belief in GOD. YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!! We will be thinking about you tomorrow. Good luck and best wishes on the new you. Deb
  12. Dansha

    35 pounds!

    Congratz on the weight loss. You are doing great!!! Deb
  13. Dansha

    New Member

    WELCOME!!!! Any questions? Ask away someone here is bound to know an answer. Good luck!!!! Deb
  14. Dansha

    feelin sad :(

    We are here for you...... we are your sleeve family. We are unique and brave peeps. We care what happens to you so please update us as soon as possible after surgery. Girl... I am nine months out and guess what? I can eat a whole thin slice of pizza Hut pizza and be totally satisfied with one slice. WOO HOO!!!! ((((((HUGS))))) Deb
  15. Dansha

    Welcome everyone!

    Hi Jen. My first choice for surgeon was Dr. Selim. I ended up with Dr. Hoehn. Please update me with your thoughts about Dr. Selim. If you don't mind. Deb
  16. Dansha

    The little things

    It's been awhile. So happy....... you are happy. Take care and enjoy the rest of your journey. Deb
  17. Dansha

    ** HELP **

    Hi Tamz, I was in the hospital one day and took off from work 2 weeks only becuz I could. I felt fine, I even stopped my morphine drip at the hospital becuz I figured why take it if I am not in any pain. I also didn't have any gas pains, no trouble swallowing, no nothing. Good luck on your journey!!!! Deb
  18. Dansha


    SAY WHAT.......SAY WHAT????? So should we be go to my PCP and ask for a TB test. Deb
  19. OUCH!!!! That hurts. Sorry. :( Deb
  20. WOW seems kinda extreme for your surgeon to postpone your surgery becuz of your bp being a little high. . I hope everything turns alright for you. Good luck!!!! Deb
  21. Dansha

    What size bougie did they use?

    My surgeon used a 34F bougie. And at 9 1/2 months out I can eat for example one small chilli from Wendys in about 30 minutes. I have lost about 140 pounds, but most of that was in my "Honeymoon Phase". the first six months. I have been struggling of late trying to lose the last 40 to 50 pounds. Deb
  22. Dansha

    9 months AND....

    WTG!!! It has been hard sometimes, but you did it and you will continue to do it until you reach goal. Good luck and keep us posted with your updates. Deb
  23. Dansha

    Well, HELLO VST!!

    Welcome to our family. I believe there are some other peeps who have had Dr. Teng as their surgeon. Hopefully they will chime in. I think you have made a very good decision on having the sleeve. One of the best decisions I ever made. Good luck and best wishes with the insurance hoops. Deb
  24. Dansha

    Welcome everyone!

    How you doing baby girl?

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