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  1. JinTx

    The Perfect Meal For Me!

    Ajtexas--im in austin. I'll take a steak Whos your surgeon?
  2. I will keep everyone updated. I think for now, im gonna wait for my dr to return unless the pain increases or i develop other symptoms. I just pray its not band related!!!
  3. Was banded in sept 2011. A few weeks ago my stomach started hurting. Its right above my belly button, in the middle of my stomach. The only way i can describe the pain is a burning sensation. It comes and goes thru out the day. I began no notice that its the strongest mid morning 11:00 or so and then late afternoon say around 4 or 5. I have no problems eating or drinking. Everything goes down fine. I have not noticed that i can eat more or less that before. There Is no redness or swelling that i can physically see. My husband says it sounds like an ulcer. When the burning pain started i was going thru some major family stuff causing me a bunch of stress. I thought I was handling it well tho. Dh is convinced that i already had this ulcer and the stress of my family drama has caused it to flare. Could it be erosion? I dont feel like my band slipped. I have no vommitting. No reflux. No Change in hunger or the volume i can eat. I thought erosion is something that would take a while to happen-not one yr post banding. Anyway, i called my dr yesterday and hes on Vacation for 3 wks. They did tell me i can see another dr but i told them id call back. I am trying to decide if i just wanna wait for my dr to come back. Thoughts?
  4. JinTx

    Milk. Soy, Almond, Rice??

    I use almond bc the carb count is less. Also Bc my ds is allergic to dairy and it prevents me From buying 2 kinds of milk. I also think i may Have a lactos issue bc cows milk upsets my tummy. To me, almond tastes fine but I do not drink it plain, only in my shakes. I dont use the rice in my shakes...its very thin and watery.
  5. JinTx


    I i use celebrate brand chewables. They also have other bariatric items. I order online. Way better than nasty bariatric advantagr.
  6. Banded in sept 2011. Did wonderfully sept the dec. In dec weightloss started to slow. I knew it would slow bc i wasnt as big but the "cheating" didnt help. Lil of this. Lil if that. I stopped exercising in late winter. While my portions remained small my food choices were not the Best. My weightloss slowed even more. In june i went on vacation and said to heck with it all. I ate what i wanted. I gained 9 poundd in 7 days. Then when i returned home my eating vacation continued. When i went to the dr i had gained 15 pounds in 6 wks. I had never had a gain overall for the month and i go see him every 4-6 wks since surgery. The nutrionist gave me a one hr refresher course. My problem is all mental. I cant refocus. I have lost my motivation. I dont get it. I am in this same dieting type funk that i was prior to banding...you know, i will start my diet on monday...i will start in jan. That sort of stuff. I have been in a downward slope since early spring and have hit the bottom. I break band rules all the time...i did confess this to the dr. Which is why he had me meet with the nut. But i know the rules...sometimes i choose to break them. Then i am faced with the fact that ppl see me, know i have a band and know im not loosing anymore. Thats embarassig. I cant get out of this mental funk.
  7. JinTx

    Gluten Free?

    We thought the chebe brand was nasty. We usually stick to bobs red mill.
  8. My dr did not allow any alchohol til 6 mos but reminds patients that its just empty calories. Beer has carbonation which is a no no for my dr. I do drink margs and daquiris but they are sooo high in calories. I try and stick with crystal light or sf lemonade mixed with vodka or rum.
  9. JinTx

    Addiction Addiction Addiction

    I used to smoke a long time ago. I stopped when i got pregnant with my first son. Many many many years later i would have an occasional smoke if i drank a lot...im talking 3 cigs a year. So i dont really have any advice there. But what i did want to do is encourage you to talk to your surgeon about this. You need to be open and honest. Last month i did not WANT to see my surgeon. I had gained 15 pounds in 6 wks (darn vacations) and was so ashamed. But then i realized that basically i committed to my surgeon when i got this surgery...kinda like we got married. Hes gonna be taking care of my band forever. I have to be committed to it and to him. He wants to see me monthly til i hit goal...thats what i signed up for. Part of being committed to him is being open and honest. I have to do my part...which is being real with him. If i struggle i tell him...if its going good i tell him. On that same note he has to do his part too. If he belittles me or puts me down about my struggles then it may time for me to look elsewhere. I think you need to just tell your surgeon. He wants you to succeed. I am sure he will be there to help you.
  10. JinTx

    Gluten Free Bandsters?

    I also disagree with the google search. My son can not eat gluten. He is not overweight and is 11. The reason i think the google search is wrong is bc the gluten free flours are still not the healthiest. Rice flour for example is pure starch. Potato flour, tapioca, etc. A cupcake made with gf flour is still a cupcake...loaded with sugar as well. I really try to cook meals with whole foods...meats and veggies. Snacks for my son are usually fruit, raw veggies, dried fruit, larabars, etc. Plus its much cheaper than gf stuff. $4 for a box of cookies. $6 for a bag of pretzels. It all adds up.
  11. JinTx


    Can someone explain to me in simple terms what this is? 'dumb it down' for me, so to speak. Seems like from my research that when i have started a low carb diet in the past and began having what i call carb w/draw (tired, headaches) that was me entering ketosis. Is this correct?
  12. JinTx

    Hair Loss :(

    I began taking biotin right after surgery. About 3 mos post op my hair was falling out by the hamdfuls. Nut changed my vitamins--i was taking gummies--switched me to Celebrate bariatric vits and it stopped. I have a full head of hair. I would joke to dh thinking id go bald....told him i might be bald...but im gonna be SKINNY and bald.
  13. JinTx

    May Do Low Carb

    I feel better when i do low carb bc of the simple fact that carbs make me want more carbs. My surgeon does not preach low carb however the nutrionist recommended i go back to low carb then slowly add back in good carbs...whole wheat pasta, brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread....i should be ok with this bc usually the carbs i want are sugar...cookie, cake, etc. I am looking at this as sort of a detox period. So perhaps you could look at it that way if you feel carbs are an issue for you.
  14. My homemade soup is not a slider. I make it chunky with meat amd veg. When i go to my fav mexican rest i get chicken soup easy on the avacado and cheese. It is basically all Chicken and i dont eat the broth. Canned soups are sliders imo.

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