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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, twoboysandagirl!

  2. I can run 4 miles now! Pushing a jogging stroller and a 3 year old up crazy hills in my neighborhood!

  3. twoboysandagirl

    My Big Surprise

    That really is amazing! you rock!
  4. twoboysandagirl

    1 Year!

    Happy anniversary to you...you've done great...and who said one year is all you get to lose all the weight you want? You have all your life with your new little tummy.
  5. twoboysandagirl

    Hair Loss

    I started to lose my hair at 2.5 months out in fists full. I started to take a supplement (chewable) from gnc called b-beautiful and it helped but not with hair loss but with regrowth. It is kind of pricey but it goes on sale and I stock up The best part is that it stops and all my hair is back just as it was before. Short time side effect and well worth the healthy life!
  6. twoboysandagirl

    A Little Embarrasing...implant - What Size?

    All thoughts I have had....thank you for starting this thread! Appreciate everyones thoughts.
  7. twoboysandagirl


    My experience was that pre-op I was constipated because of the Protein. post op my body took a while to work things out. I came home from the hospital with milk of magnesia but that was very rough on my...it made me RUN to the bathroom. I wanted something that was a bit gentler so I used mirlax and after a few weeks things worked out. and only occasionally happened after that...and I just went back to a few days of mirlax and I was back to myself. From my surgeons team...constipation is very common. That being said...if you arent getting you Fluid...keep trying. I used a timmer on my phone to remind me to drink...set it after eating and when it goes off...start drinking. Really helped me...still do it sometimes.
  8. twoboysandagirl

    3 Month Post Op Visit

    Well...look at it this way. If there is something off then now is the time to find out and do something about it. I pray you are right on track but if not let them give you all the help you may need to be healthy...isnt that why you had the surgery? Let us know how it goes!
  9. twoboysandagirl

    Oh Yeah Protein Shakes

    havent tried there shakes but their bars are a staple in my diet now...warning they are high in carbs and would not recommend while trying to lose.
  10. twoboysandagirl

    What Were Your Best Foods To Eat Post Op

    Defintaly loved s/f pudding...didnt do well with applesauce. Loved sf pudding pops, sf jello, chicken broth...once I moved on to solids stage...my favortie food was and still is turkey meatballs. At almost 2 years out I still have a protein shake just about everyday.
  11. Living life at 22 months out! Life is good. Size 4 now for a year and a half. Love to all you just beginning this journey!

  12. twoboysandagirl

    My Protein Shake Panacea

    Just a couple of thoughts...One thing I learned is that if I mix my protein shake and put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight it was not frothy, it was smooth and well mixed. Also, after surgery my tastes changed drastically. When I was pre-op trying to loss required weight I used the syntex but after I couldnt stand it...so dont put stock in a company and make sure you buy it from a place you can return unused portion if you dont like it. Also, I am almost 2 years out and I still drink protein shakes just about everyday, so I have tried many combos and you dont have to stick to one thing. Hope that helps. Also, it was like 4 months before I hit my protein goal in one day.
  13. I have been MIA for a month but wanted to say life is good at almost 20 months out! Love living this life.

  14. twoboysandagirl

    I Hate Everybody

    Mimismom~you know it's a lot to deal with. I am saying a prayer for you right now...hang in there. July 11th will be here soon.
  15. I drank over 100 ounces of fluids yesterday...but I remember the days that 40 ounces was hard.