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  1. twoboysandagirl

    My Protein Shake Panacea

    Just a couple of thoughts...One thing I learned is that if I mix my protein shake and put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight it was not frothy, it was smooth and well mixed. Also, after surgery my tastes changed drastically. When I was pre-op trying to loss required weight I used the syntex but after I couldnt stand it...so dont put stock in a company and make sure you buy it from a place you can return unused portion if you dont like it. Also, I am almost 2 years out and I still drink protein shakes just about everyday, so I have tried many combos and you dont have to stick to one thing. Hope that helps. Also, it was like 4 months before I hit my protein goal in one day.
  2. twoboysandagirl

    I Hate Everybody

    Mimismom~you know it's a lot to deal with. I am saying a prayer for you right now...hang in there. July 11th will be here soon.
  3. twoboysandagirl

    Hail Is Falling

    It will stop and you will be thin and healthy!!! Mine started at 3 months and ended at 9. It has all grown back and is just as healthy as ever...but now I am thin.
  4. twoboysandagirl


    I felt just like this ALL through my losing phase! It is most likely a bit of dehydration and the fact that you are living off very few calories now. It was strange one day it was there then suddenly it was gone. I never passed out but came real close a few times. I got used to getting up slowly and just standing still for a second before trying to move some where. Are you getting in enough fluids?
  5. twoboysandagirl

    Six Weeks

    It will be your turn as soon as you know it! Good Luck to you.
  6. twoboysandagirl

    15 Days Post Op.....help!

    I have all my post op meals typed up. If you want it pm me your email address.
  7. you look absolutely amazing! COngrats on two years out and living a healthy life.
  8. twoboysandagirl

    Newbie Introduction..

    Welcome Sandy!
  9. twoboysandagirl

    One Week Post Op; I Have A Stricture

    Saying a prayer for you right now Raven!
  10. Sorry the begininng was rough going...but you sound like you are getting there. I made a chart to stay on top of everything at first. It helped me. Praying you feel great tomorrow! PS you honesty is important...others need to know all the different results...the more you know the better you make decision.
  11. twoboysandagirl

    My Hair....

    Well everyone has different results. But in my experience it was more about the pure shock to my body. I think during the losing stage my body was so "busy" keeping up with all the other changes and couldn't continue to grow hair and so it just fell out...my guess is 1/3-1/2 of my total volume. But here is the good news...at 17 months out it is all back and just like it never happened. Only difference I am a size 4 and living a very happy and healthy life!!! Hair loss is tremporary. My weight loss is forever! PS I take GNC's B-beautiful chew once a day. I think it helped with the health of regrowth.
  12. You look great...congrats on all your accomplishments...got to tell you the last pic you look so tall! My doctor told me 2 years prior to surgery but when I went for my 1 year post op they hinted it would be ok. I think the 2 years is a carry over from the gastric bypass...and for those patients it is important because of malabsorption. I would give your doctor a call and be honest about the pill. I have 3 kids and I will be 35 in a few weeks but still really want 1 more kid. Not sure how I feel about getting prego and gaining weight and taking my body through some thing further.
  13. twoboysandagirl

    Need Help Getting Back

    How far out are you? What do you mean you lost it? Have you lost weight? What does your diet look like? It might help us help you.
  14. twoboysandagirl

    Nsv From My "caveman" Husband

    he he that is funny!
  15. twoboysandagirl

    Question For Sleevers

    17months out today. For dinner I had a thin lean hamburger pattie a piece of provolone cheese on those thin buns. I ate 3/4 of it and I had three spoon fulls of peas and carrots. My favorite lunch in 3 turkey meatballs with 1/2 cups of tomato sauce My favorite Breakfast is a Protein shake I can eat 2 small hard tacos if they are not ovefilled with lettuce and meat and chees...just regular I can eat 1/2 a chicken breast if I eat slowly and some veggies I can only eat 1 egg and 1 piece of toast or maybe 2 pieces of turkey bacon instead of the toast.
  16. twoboysandagirl

    Updated Photos Before And After

    You look soooo much younger! Great job 100%
  17. twoboysandagirl

    Am I Being Impatient?

    I think you should call and if they seem frustrated with your call just tell them you are trying to say the dr time and save yourself the co-pay. It is hard to wait...but from this side of the fence that long wait and all the hoops were worth it!
  18. twoboysandagirl

    Caffeine: Yes Or No?

    I was told no by my nut. You should start a poll. I'd be curious to see what the results are.
  19. twoboysandagirl

    First Nsv

    Ashley, Your doing great! Those are great NSVs!
  20. twoboysandagirl

    My First Fitness Feat!

    I ran a 5K for the first time ever on 9/11 and I wanted to wear my bib all day:) Love your post...love that someone knows how I felt! Congrats to you...on to a 7K?
  21. Thanks for the replies....I am trying to be good with where I am at...just not sure if this is the "sweet spot". I also started running which cause the scale to go up because muscle weighs more.
  22. twoboysandagirl

    Eating On The Move

    We stay at hampton inns all the time...they almost always serve a protein for breakfast, either eggs, or a meat of some sort. For lunch I often eat at Burger king, grilled in stead of fried like McD's. I sometim es eat a regular taco from del taco. I have fat secret app for my phone...when on the go it is wonderful for figuring out how manycarbs I have had. It helps make a decision for the next meal...OH my absolute favorite place to eat if we are going out to eat is Red robin...all the burgers can be low carb with lettuce instead of bun. I also take a small cooler lunchbox with me if I will be away from home all day and put pb and cheese sticks in it.
  23. twoboysandagirl

    Got Scheduled For My 1St Surgeon Appt.

    My first surgeon appointment was more of a chance for me to prove to the surgeon that I was a good candidate for WLS. They asked me lots of questions about past weight lost attempts, took measurements, health history of me and my family, even talked about support and changes this would have on my kids and husband. I had to meet their critera before he would procced. Hope that helps...it wasnt stressful because I just talked about myself.
  24. twoboysandagirl

    Bougie Size

    I am not sure about the bougie size...my surgeon didnt use one he used something else...but I wonder did your friend follow the meal plans given to her? Did she follow all the directions she was given? It is possible to gain weight because it is possible to "cheat the sleeve". Sorry she had this out come but you should use her mistakes to make sure you dont make them. I would ask her as many questions as she would let me about her losing stages and maintence and when she began to gain... Blessings to you,
  25. twoboysandagirl

    1 Year And 5 Days Post Op- All Smiles!

    You do look so much younger...amazing job! Congrats to you.

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