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  1. Anyone else having their Surgery in Feb? I am getting a revision from VSG to RNY due to severe acid reflux. Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. losetobemeagain

    Any February Surgery Dates...

    I am also having a revision from sleeve to RNY. my diet and stay in hospital for both surgery's is the same 2 day pre op diet and 2 day hospital
  3. depends on dr. Mine only requires 2 day liquid. Thank god cause i've seen some people on here talking about 2 or 3 weeks pre ops diets.
  4. losetobemeagain

    38 BMI and only 75 to lose

    I had the sleeve done back in 2011. do your research if you have reflux. I am about to go in for revision surgery to RNY because due to the sleeve I now have severe gerds. I've been suffering from it for the past 5 years. Make sure you research each surgery. I think I read that if you suffer from acid reflux you should not get the sleeve. since coming back on here I have noticed a lot of people being revised from sleeve to RNY.
  5. losetobemeagain

    Any February Surgery Dates...

    My date is February 25. I'll be a revision from a sleeve due to Acid Reflux.
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    From the album: weight loss journey

  7. losetobemeagain


    From the album: weight loss journey

  8. losetobemeagain

    weight loss journey

    Picture along the way of my Journey
  9. losetobemeagain

    Sleeve With A Toddler?

    My son had just turned 3 when I had my surgery. I'm not a single mom ( but was with my first ) My son is a nut and doesn't stop all day, my husband works so I am home with him alone from 6:30 am - 8 pm everyday... I had my surgery on a Wed stayed in the hospital Thurs and Friday by Saturday most of my pain was gone and I was pretty much just sore, he was not a problem at all. There was no climbing on mommy but I would lay in the bed with him and cuddle in place of him laying on me while sitting up or sitting on my lap. I was 43 when I had me surgery, and think you will be fine, but it all depends on how you heal everyone is different.
  10. losetobemeagain

    1 Year Surgiversary! Hooray!

    Happy Surgerversary... you look great
  11. I started at 240 i'm 5'3" goal is 135 and my current weight is 149
  12. Same thing here, but in the hospital he gave me a Ibuprophin iv drip because the other meds made me so sick lol??????? Maybe it was different because I wasn't taking it orally ???
  13. The best thing about this surgery is that you will eat normally again, you will have constant portion control and will never be able to eat like you used to, but you can eat what you want. in the beginning right after surgery it is important to eat in the stages your dr. tells you for healing purposes and the losing stage you follow what may seem like seem like a diet, but eventually you will bring normal eating back in I am 8 mos and eat everything I used to, just healthier if that makes sense lol.
  14. My dr. allows me to take stuff for pain, that is why I chose this surgery, if may allow all or only certain ones so as always you should check with your own dr. call them and ask him, the nurse or the PA there is always someone there to help if you can't get your dr. himself
  15. you like me will be on mushy's as soon as you have your leak test. I ate alot of refried Beans melt some cheese on it, Liz told me I could put some chicken in a blender and eat that, bake some ricotta cheese topped with some mozzerella cheese. it is so hard to explain how little you will be able to eat two bites from a baby spoon and I was done, so you will have to get most of your Protein in with shakes, she allowed me to have smoothies since we are on mushies I added greek yogurt with calorie countdown milk and sugar free torani syrups for flavor, they allowed me to count my smooties or Protein Shakes toward my fluids also, yogurt went down real nice and didn't cause me any pain. I still don't get all my protein in there was days when I did but the majority of the days I didn't. you have to really concentrate on it, it can be done but you have to remain conscience of it. I have a video of the hospital if you want to see it PM me your email and I'll send it to you...
  16. losetobemeagain


    We are allowed NSAIDs, but I would always check with your doctor. it's stil the same stomach just smaller. Didn't your doctor send you home with something for pain?
  17. losetobemeagain

    Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp With Creole Mustard

    sounds great def going to try this, have the shirmp but not the bacon..
  18. losetobemeagain

    Any Sleever's from NY?

    yogurt will go down fine and it is the one thing I was able to eat the most of but I gotta tell you it all gets old real quick lol I got to the point that I couldn't even drink a Protein shake anymore it just wouldn't go down the taste and thickness of it just started to make me choke.. I finally order this stuff callled click protein it taste like coffee, alot of people on here will say it is the wrong protein, but liz ( the Nut ) was starting to get so worried about the amount of protein I was getting that she didn't care and told me to drink it even tho it wasn't whey... She also told me I could drink through a straw because I wasn't getting my fluids in and I told her I could drink more with a straw and she said fine then do it. She also allowed me smoothies shakes that I would make using yogurt, calorie countdown milk and fruit or I think in the beginning I was using the torani syrup instead of fruit and then moved on to real fruit later.
  19. losetobemeagain

    Any Sleever's from NY?

    My surgery went great, but like a said I had a problem with the anesthesia so they kept me in the recovery room for a long time because my blood pressure shot up.. I got to my room around 10 pm at about 1 am my darling nurse came in to get me for my first walk, she came again at 5 or 6 am and after that I did the rest of the walks by myself and felt good. The first day home I rested walked down the block a couple of times and after that day, or once all the anesthesia was out of my systom I felt great, and seeing that scale move makes you feel even better lol I was back to normal by day 4, that Tuesday after my husband went back to work so 6 days later I was back to my regular schedule of taking care of the house and kids, i'm currently not working, but I think I would have been fine if I was, I had a desk job when I was working and got more rest at work then being home with the kids.
  20. losetobemeagain

    Any Sleever's from NY?

    no more thing the next morning you will go down for the xray to check for leaks, obviously you wont be able to drink anything before that, but after that you will get gatorade and I think tea? I don't really remember I stuck with the gatorade for fear of dehydration, after that it's mushies, you go straight to mushies, I believe I had oatmeal, yogurt and Jello brought up to me, now obviously there was no way I could eat it all, as a matter of fact I wasn't even hungery, but just a note they want you to be able to eat mushies' before they send you home, don't be scared that it is going to slow down your weight loss it wont, as a matter of fact I think it helped because I didn't hit that stall that everyone else seems to have when they go from liquids to mushies. and don't be surprised when one or two bites fill you up, don't pust it or force it, I followed the nutrionist rules and stop once i get that feeling that i've had enough and I've never gotten sick from over eaten.
  21. losetobemeagain

    Any Sleever's from NY?

    I didn't even know I had the Hernia so mine wasn't found till he went in, He said he did a partial repair, didn't want to start messing around with the mesh to much after cutting my stomach, he said he was more worried about me getting an infection then repairing the hernia at this point, besides he later told me if I decide to have body contouring after I lose the weight, the hernia repair could work to my advantage with insurance. My nutritionist is Liz I do exactly what you said get my info and go, but since the surgery I have not gone to see her in the office I do all my appts. by phone it's easier for my because I live in Long Island. I have one next month. And yes I don't know if he is shy or stand-offish like you said but he is good and an artist as far as my scaring goes, my pain meds were making me sick and they were changed right away, it's a great hospital because it is a teaching hospital so there are so many people around all the time to help because everybody is teaching or learning, I like that I didn't have a drain, or staples or all the other stuff I read about on here and only a 2 day liquid diet muahhhh I love him for that lol.... The worst part for me was walking myself the the operating room lol they didn't wheel me in and my operating room was at the end of the long hall I remember looking back and waving bye to my husband and just felt so scared, like I was walking to my death, I started crying and everyone in that room was so sweet petting my head wiping my tears, they were so great. So the moral of that story is, don't be scared because now you know someone else that took that walk, and I can tell you that now looking back it wasn't that scary and that was actually the walk that saved my life and not the walk to my death... Oh and I never posted a picture of my before until after I lost weight either. You can see pictures of my view on facebook under the same name.

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