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  1. Happy 36th Birthday tchaho!

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  3. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary tchaho!

  4. My surgeon advised me to only eat high protein foods. He doesn't want me to eat anything that isn't high in protein. I asked about items like salad or a burrito, and he said no. The salad has too much non protein food in it, and the burrito has a tortilla, which doesn't have protein. He wants me to eat only meat, nuts, cheeses, and eggs until I loose my desired amount of weight. I am not allowed to eat any slider protein foods either, like yogurt and ice cream. It has to be solid protein only. Soups are not allowed for me either. I lost 29 pounds with no fill in my band since Nov. 2010. I just got my first fill three days ago, 2.5cc in a 10cc band. Best wishes on your journey, tchaho
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    I'm having the same problem. Please let me know if you find out anything. I talked with an insurance broker, who said I will never be approved again for individual insurance. I'm really upset right now, and trying to find some hope. Been crying for a couple hours now....
  6. tchaho

    Insurance post LAP Band

    Hey all, I'm in the same boat. I am on Cobra until Oct. 2011. After that...I don't know what is going to happen. I talked with a broker today that told me I will never qualify for coverage under an individual plan for the rest of my life. I am sitting here in tears right now. I have been crying since I got off the phone with them. If anyone has any idea's or knows of someone who was able to get coverage sometime after having the surgery, please give me hope and let me know. I'm just really upset right now. Any encouragement is welcome ( My husband isn't offered group coverage at his new job. I feel so sick to my stomach.
  7. tchaho

    November Bandsters!

    Hi! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I was banded on Nov. 19th and I feel almost as if I didn't even have the surgery. I am saying this as hope for you, in that you may feel better really really soon! I know right after my surgery my stomach was pretty swollen, but it went down super fast! I am able to drink normally like I did before the surgery now. Best wishes for a super fast recovery!
  8. tchaho

    Pain in my gASS!!

    I had surgery on 11/19/2010 and I am still having pain in my left shoulder. I am wondering the same thing. I thought the CO2 gas would be gone by now. Is this a new type of gas that will be present when I eat certain foods? I can also feel it in my upper chest on the left side. I did find that laying down on my left side alleviates the pain, but when I get up, it comes back. I've tried the methods that Stephanie tried as well without relief.
  9. I am 7 days post-op but my surgeon said I can start mushy foods. I was able to have anything that would fit through a straw from the day I had surgery till Wed. I don't know why they are not as strict, but he is a pretty well known Dr. I know of three other people who went with this surgeon over the years and they were successful. I feel really good, no problems. I would wonder why there is such a drastic difference between the rules. By all means, I am not saying to go against your Dr.'s orders! Just saying there is a big difference in our diets post-op. I hope you can find something that makes you feel better soon! Best Wishes!
  10. tchaho

    Banded 4 days ago!

    Click on someone else's and it will link you to a page where you can make your own. Best wishes!
  11. Just wanted to say hi! I noticed that we both had the same surgery day :o)


  12. tchaho

    Post op diets

    I get to try mashed potatoes and green bean casserole tomorrow for dinner! I am excited! I still have a lot of gas pains in my left shoulder and that side of my chest. I am wondering how long it will take to go away. I ventured out last night to the store. I think I over did it a little, as I was really sore when I got home and feeling full of gas in my left shoulder. My back muscles were burning too. I bought the Isopure, but I have yet to try it. I guess I am picky with flavors, and I'm not sure if I'll like it. I ordered mine online. I also keep getting these moments where I feel like I have to burp, but I can't, and it turns into a hiccup sorta thing. I don't care for the feeling of that. I haven't weighed myself yet, I think I'll wait till I see my surgeon for my pre op on Dec. 3.
  13. tchaho


    Hi! I'm Tracy. I had my lap band surgery on 11/19/2010. I live in IL. I have three daughters. My oldest is 10 yrs. old and my twins are 8 yrs. old. I started to put on a little weight after I got married. I was just over weight. I had my first daughter and afterwards lost 54 llbs. at WW. Then I got pg with the twins. I lost 36 lbs. after I had them. For some reason that didn't last long. I started gaining weight rapidly. I think I was spending all my time as a full time mom, and not taking the time out for myself. Anyways, I am still having the gas pains in my left shoulder and just under it. It is really bothersome. I can't wait until it goes away. My upper back is killing me as well. Seems like it is taking over for my tummy muscles that are out of commission right now. I am on a anything through a staw diet right now. Can't wait to get to know you all! I have to go lay down as my back is burning.
  14. I was told a staw diet as well. From day one I have had jello, pudding cups, ice cream, shakes, cream soups, ect... I've had a shake twice and ice cream twice, and I think I'll have it totally out of my system when I get to eat real food. I don't want anymore already. I went to a restaurant and ordered a couple bowls of chicken soup broth. It tastes so much better than the canned stuff. I could actually make out the veggie flavors in it. I know I am also allowed to try soft mushy foods when I am ready. My post op is two weeks out from my surgery because of the holiday, but he said I don't have to wait that long. Good luck, maybe they'll give in a little if you give them a call.
  15. I was just wondering if anyones surgeons recommended taking certain vitamins or supplements? Mine said a multivitamin, but didn't mention anything else. Thank you for sharing your experiences.