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    Easter Challenge

    Better late then not at all.... Starting Weight: 171 lbs Goal Weight: 160 lbs Pounds to Lose: 11 lbs Here I go!
  2. I was sleeved 12/21/2010. Over all I have lost 103 lbs, which fluctuates 3-5 lbs. Im happy healthy and do not regret my decision.

    Crab And Shrimp Stuffed Musroom Caps

    Mmmm I love stuffed mushrooms!
  4. You shouldnt experience "hunger" after being sleeved. More often than not you will mistake thirst or acid reflux for hunger. Just pay attention to your body and remember you are on an awesome journey! 15 MoNTHS Out.....103 lbs lighter down from a size 22 to 6-8s
  5. Just do as the surgeon says...measure your food by volume and ALWAYS be aware of how much you are eating. Old habits are hard to break. I am 15 months out and still need to remind myself to eat slow and measure food. You will do fine. Just be patient.
  6. :Banane56: Have you guys seen this? WTH? lol
  7. I had my surgery 12/21/10 and so far I have lost 95 lbs. I am happy, as healthy as I can be considering the Lupus, and wouldn't change it!

    How many calories are you getting in?

    My initial goal was 145. Im at 150 now and in a size 8 jeans. While I know I could still stand to lose a few pounds, the comments from other about being too thin are unsettling. Maybe its just because they havent seen us so small. Personally I feel great. The only complaint I have is that the "girls" are droopy and I have excess skin arounfd my lower tummy. Nothing a little bit of Mommy makeover wouldnt fix. I guess my question is, how do we deal with the naysayers ? And when do we know we've lost enough?
  9. Ten lbs from goal. I am now embarking on a "Max my Muscles" endeavor. For the next 12 weeks I will be a slave to the gym.


    Christmas Challenge!!!

    Im in. SN ...ONEPICKYONE...SW158...GW140....LBS TO LOSE....18

    Is my journey over?

    As for me, I tend to lose 10-15 lbs then stop losing all together for a month or two. I am 20 pounds shy of my goal weight. I think you just need to give your body the healing time it needs, and concentrate on working that sleeve. You got this!!!!

    Carb Debate (Friendly)

    I am a little over 9 months put. I have noticed that if I am allowing myself carbs, they are usually the bad ones. This seems to kick start more bad habits. I would probably have been at goal or under by now if I had stuck with what works best for me which is low carb eating. That being said, I wouldnt change a thing. Not once have I felt deprived. I can eat the occasional dessert without gaining, although I do have to watch it. I dont think I "dump" but I can make myself VERY sick by too much sugar and/or too much fat. Thats just my body. What works for me is my 2 shakes every day = 120 grams protien + the occasional snack . That and lots of liquids, tea, diet coke. When I stick to this way of eating I drop lbs like crazy and feel amazing.
  13. Hands curling up and loss of sensation is usually a dead on indicator for vitamin and mineral deficiency. But be safe and seek medical advice ASAP...
  14. Physical hunger? Never... Now head hunger and too much tummy acid, all the time. You just have to earn to distinguish what's what..I am over 8 months out, and have just 28 lbs to my goal.
  15. I am officially starting my "Back on Track" plan tomorrow. But wanted to post all my bad habits so that I could remind myself what "not" to be doing. 1) I've been forgetting Breakfast, or grabbing sugary carbs to eat on the run. Fix: Set out Protein Shake and sliced fruit to grab on the go. No more sodas from the gas station. 2) Snacking on carby crap. NO MORE. I will pack and bring my meals to work, errands, etc. Protein first then fresh sliced veggies (I can't stand mushy veggies.) 3) My worst habit of all....Snacking in bed at night while watching tv. I am going back to just sipping herbal "Sleepy Time " Tea while in bed. Or, I will get up and fold clothes while watching my nightly show. Okay, this is my list of dirty secrets. LOL Oh yeah... 4) I have not been exercising one bit. I am going to start using that gym membership I pay for every month.

    Michelle's Accountability Thread

    Diva I love sleepy time tea. That and Calms Forte . Snacking has been getting better. I actually got the scale moving again. WOO HOO! I can and will do this. I am strong!

    Michelle's Accountability Thread

    Today was a much better day as far as eating goes. I haven't had any soda, and only one carby snack. Not a bad start. I have been trying to keep busy, to quell my urge to snack out of boredom. I am down 2 lbs this morning, which Im pretty sure is water weight.

    Dawn is being held Accountable!

    You can do it Dawn!

    Welcome new Members!!!

    Hi all! My name is Michelle. I started this journey at 252 lbs. Surgery day was 240. I currently weigh 185 lbs. Doctor wants to see me around 135-140. My goal is 155 lbs. I'm noticing lately that I have strayed from healthy eating habits. Too much night time snacking, and way too many carbs. While I am seldom physically hungry, I have constant head hunger. Thought I had dealt with it, but guess not! I WILL BE AT GOAL BY THE END OF THIS YEAR! I am determined. So let's do this!!!

    HCG diet?

    I know ... I always order from Canada and do the injections. Ive done my research.....

    HCG diet?

    While I know others on this board may disagree, I loved this diet. My chronic fatigue, joint/muscle pain, and overall bitchiness literally vanished. My problem with it before surgery was that I was full of bad eating habits, and tended to have head hunger from hell. I have decided to do this protocol again. Only because due to my recent diagnosis of Lupus, I am now on an overwhelming amount of meds. If I could be pain free with one shot a day, instead of 5-6 pills then hey Ill do it! We shall see. If anything, it will be easier now that I have no hunger and a tiny tummy.

    Dumping Syndrom

    Well I must be in that 5% of sleevers that dump . Because my body cannot tolerate sugar at all. I am positive it is dumping, due to the symptoms. Sweats, dizzyness, diarrhea, nausea and horrid cramping. So beware....dumping can occur. Just depends on the individual person.

    I Became A Drunk After My Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Exercise is a HUGE anxiety and depression reliever. Way better than any meds..

    4th of July - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???


    Month 4

    It has been almost (just a few days shy of) 4 months since my sleeve surgery. The first month and a half was rough. Just feeling tired, and struggling with getting all the fluids in. Aside from a minor stomach bug, no complications thus far. I don't count my recent lupus diagnosis as a complication because I showed signs of that before surgery, and the 2 are completely unrelated. As of today, I am down 60 lbs. What? Yes, let me repeat that. 60 LBS!!!! In general, I feel good. I joined a gym. But have only gone twice. That is one of my areas of improvement. Even if I just walk on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes, some activity is better than none. I think the hardest part of this whole journey has been retraining my brain. I still get head hunger. I still get impulsive and eat wrong, then pay for it. But this is all a learning opportunity. I know it takes time. One area I struggle with lately is complete and total lack of appetite. Food does not sound or smell appetizing . Often times I just dont eat, then wonder why I feel like crap and have headaches. I guess one of the reasons I dont like to eat is that I am so utterly stuffed by 2-3 bites. It is disappointing. I used to be able to sit and eat right along with my family and friends. I felt included. Granted due to self esteem I didnt really participate in conversation. Now it seems conversation is all I can do, since eating is done early in the meal. Am I complaining? HELL NO! I just wanted to put my thoughts on paper. I am truly blessed with this wonderful gift of forced self control. I just need to learn how to embrace it and use it to it's full potential. Until next time, MICHELLE