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    I am a single mom of 2 and getting to a healthy weight for myself and for them.
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  1. Happy 33rd Birthday whitetiger011680!

  2. Starting the 5 day pouch test today. I know without a doubt that I have not lost restriction, but I have been eating poorly for the last few weeks so I am using this to get back on track.

  3. whitetiger011680

    Band Vs Diet

    I wonder that too especially now that I have made lifestyle changes that include eating right most everyday and exercising several times a week. But knowing my previous tendencies, I'm sure I still made the right decision because the band gave the motivation I needed to make it this time. I refuse to be a surgery failure. And it will always be there with me, my security blanket.
  4. Finally made it into size 12 pants! yay!!

  5. whitetiger011680

    Drinking After Surgery

    I drink beer often. I have no problems with it but I count my calories. Having the surgery has not changed the way how fast alcohol affects me. I think it's different for everyone just make sure you account for your calories and take it slow when you have your first drink until you know how it will affect you. And also don't drink until you are fully healed (6-8 wks after surgery).
  6. whitetiger011680

    Mother of the Bride dress

  7. whitetiger011680


    I want one too!
  8. whitetiger011680

    Shoulder Pain

    I get pain in my left shoulder and sometimes in my neck when I get food stuck. The pain disappears as soon as the food passes through. I really need to force myself to eat more slowly. *kickingmyself*
  9. NSV! Got into a size 14 pants today! Not 14W but a regular size 14!!! Was wearing a 16W so this is awesome!!

  10. Is that the only support group available in your area? Maybe you can find a different one that isn't so negative. It is supposed to be a SUPPORT group not a discouragment group. If they can't support your decision you may be better off finding a different group and you know you can always come here for plenty of ENcouragement and advice. Good luck and don't let them change your mind about lap band if that's what you truly want.
  11. whitetiger011680


    I slacked through out the holidays and am just now starting to get back on track. I managed to maintain without gaining anything but now I'm ready to see the scale start moving again. I want to lose at least 40 pounds by summer so I can wear a swimsuit without being embarrassed. For the past few days I have been drinking my water like I'm supposed to and as of today I am eating right again. Now all I need to do is add in some exercise (which I am planning on going to work out in the morning). Good luck to everyone. Let's all kick our own behinds to stick with it!
  12. Depressed. Wish I weren't on night shift. Missing my kids.

  13. Time to get myself motivated again. I have not been on track since the holidays> I haven't gained a single pound, but I haven't lost one either. Still at 196-197 since November. Play time is over cause swim suit season will be here before I know it.

  14. Actually looking forward to going back on night shift after the first of the year. It's always easier for me to eat right and exercise on nights than on days.

  15. I know I'm going to get lectured from everyone for tell you this, but I have been drinking beer alot lately since AL football has been great this season and I have not had ANY problems with beer. It affects me the same as before being banded meaning I don't get drunk immediately from just a few and I have not gained any weight from it, in fact I am still losing. So if you are planning on this being a once in a blue moon deal for your birthday then I say by all means enjoy yourself and get a designated driver. Your birthday only comes once a year.

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