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Are You Putting Yourself at the Bottom of Your Priority List?

We all have an inherent need to help others before we help ourselves, particularly as adults when we take on the roles of spouse, partner or parent.

But taking on the goal of losing a large amount of weight requires that you dedicate yourself 100 percent to the task at hand. Make time--no matter what obstacles try to block your path--to accomplish these tasks every day 24/7/365 (yes, even Christmas):

· Shopping for fresh and healthy food

· Preparing meals

· Exercising daily

· Relaxing

· Planning for the next day

These responsibilities can be challenging when you are so accustomed to helping everybody else before finally seeing to your own needs (if you are not too exhausted to do so). It’s all-too-easy for self-care activities to slide off the to-do list (I’ll start again tomorrow…)

Undertaking the Herculean challenge of losing a large amount of weight and changing unhealthy lifestyle patterns in your life may be the battle of a lifetime for many of you.

And you are worth it.

But to accomplish this goal as quickly and effectively as possible, you have to prioritize “self-care.”

Five ways to prioritize your needs during weight loss

1. Prepare and enjoy your meal before you cook for the family.

2. Set-up a kids’ activities car pool to lessen wasted time sitting idly in the car.

3. Set a daily reminder to take a 15-minute break every day to do something that you enjoy, even if you just sit with your eyes closed.

4. Feel free to say to detractors, “I have to devote a concerted effort toward my weight loss, which will make me healthier and happier.”

5. If you are put into a situation where you may eat for the wrong reasons, change plans or politely excuse yourself. (You are in a special situation, you are allowed).

Like getting regular oil changes for your car, prioritizing your own needs is what allows you to run optimally and put your best foot forward toward achieving your weight loss goals.

And you are very much worth it.

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