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Using Warehouse Stores to Manage Food Costs After Weight Loss Surgery

Your dietitian and bariatric support team will prescribe some foods and drinks that you will consume just about every day so it makes sense to buy these items in volume.

I love Facebook. It’s a way I can stay in touch with my patients (and their families) here in New Jersey between office visits and once they are on maintenance after reaching goal weight.

I recently posted a query asking my post-op patients what healthy staple items they buy from the big warehouse stores—BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club--and I received many helpful responses that I’d like to share with you.

Armed with these terrific recommendations below, you’ll eat healthier, save time, money and require fewer trips to the grocery store during your weight loss journey.

“What "go-to" items do you purchase from warehouse stores since weight loss surgery?”

· Premier protein shakes

· Protein bars

· Sam’s chicken sausage with mozzarella

· Muscle Milk

· Liter bottles of water

· Optimum Nutrition protein powders

· Frozen Mahi Mahi filets

· Cranberry almond chicken salad in 4 oz. cups.

· Chicken breasts and ground turkey

· Baby Bell light cheese

· Frozen veggies

· Veggie burgers

· Salmon fillets

· Fresh spinach

· Probiotic 10 and Fiber Gummies

· Ready-to-eat veggie tray

· Gold Standard Whey, Kirkland Fiber Caps, Opti-Fiber, Kirkland Calcium Citrate

· Mini cucumbers

· Bagged chopped kale salad

· Kirkland plain Greek yogurt

· Kirkland citrus green tea, Crystal Light

· Figgy Pops, Healthy Choice fudge bars

· Quinoa

· Chia seeds

If you are a member of these clubs, take an hour or two and really peruse the aisles in search of healthy products that support your nutrition plan. Keep in mind, many food items can be frozen and thawed when you need it to avoid spoilage.

Ask your IWL dietitian for more ideas or bring in a sample of a food or drink you’re not sure of (take a screen shot of the nutrition label before you buy it).

If you’d like to friend me on Facebook, I can be found here.

Dr. Adeyeri,

Thanks for your helpful tips and the shopping list for warehouse stores. Along with lowering costs, I think it’s also important to think about convenience when stocking the kitchen to avoid trips to fast food restaurants. You mentioned some ready-to-eat foods like spinach and yogurt. Those are great! I also like to get pouches of tuna, baby carrots, string cheese, and pretty much any kind of fruit for a quick snack – tangerines, grapes, and apples are all affordable.

Thanks for this article. It’s always good to have new ideas for affordable, healthy, easy foods!

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