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Living Single in a Couple’s World

  1. A relationship is a lifestyle, not a destination. Being single is a lifestyle too, not a destination.
  2. Quit putting off living and doing the things you want until you find someone.
  3. Live in a place you love. Why wait to have the place of your dreams? This is an opportunity to have the type of furniture and décor you want. If you like eating off china, eat off china.
  4. Travel and learn. There are many single travel groups and you will get a diverse world view when you travel with others. Who knows, you may end up making a great friend.
  5. Immerse yourself into a project or a cause that is meaningful to you. The great thing about being single is you don't have to be accountable to anyone else. Doing what makes you feel good about who you are is a mood elevator. You won't have time to focus on what you don't have if you focus on all you have to do.
  6. Dress in clothes that flatter you, and make you feel good about being you. When you're single there is no one you have to impress, which ironically impresses others due to your independence.
  7. Explore your faith. There is never a more opportune time to mediate, read and pray. If you aren't solid in your faith, improving the relationship you have with your faith will improve many other areas of your life.

Stop moping and get re-involved with your life and your single lifestyle. Relationships are built on great friendships and great relationships begin with liking yourself in your current lifestyle.

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