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    New here just looking around. Hopefully if I have any questions this will be a good place to come for answers. I finally was able to get in to see a doctor about having a surgery and everything has been set up to get the ball rolling. Lord willing it will be able to happen in 2021. I spent to many years denying I needed help and I've just yoyoed every year, I want to be around for my daughters.
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    How's everyone doing? I'm still fighting insurance company over plastics. Many changes at work are coming up. It's very stressful but there are also some opportunities involved, both in regards to personal development and promotion.
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    Today is the two year anniversary of my surgery. 🎉 I’ve made lots of changes around what I eat & when I eat & am way more aware of why I eat. Still not a regular exerciser but have much more general energy than I did before. So glad I woke up that morning & said enough & made the appointment with my doctor. I’m grateful I had a supportive GP, an excellent surgeon & a caring medical team that manages my post surgical follow ups. I’m also thankful of the support & encouragement I’ve had from family & friends along the way. I love my life.
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    Hi Im new on here I recently had gastric bypass about 6 weeks ago. Overall the surgery was a success however I feel like Im at a weight hick up dr says im doing everything right but I was still expecting to be dropping more weight. And drinking is a little bit of a challenge but im pushing through. I know everything takes time and Im still healing. Anyone having these issues too?
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    So I may now call myself a neuroradiologist. 😁 🧠 🍾
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    Hi, all. I'm new here 👋

    Hi, all. I'm new here 👋
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    i know its possible to get a REVISION. I got bypass surgery 8 years ago. Now i have gained 40 lbs have terrible gerd. I don't want to gain all my wait back. I have an appointment today with my primary doctor to get authorization to get an appointment with my surgeon. I really hope my surgeon approves me for REVISION. please send me good vibes !! i really need this REVISION
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    Anxiety is through the roof today. Things are overwhelming when looking at it in sum at the moment. The big picture is just, well... too big. We walked the dog today and just like yesterday I wasn't really in the mood. Today even less so than yesterday because I knew what was going to happen. I tend to mull over things in my head and start ruminating when walking in quiet. The conversation with my husband will inevitably turn to these things, raining my anxiety even more. It's different when going for a run or a bike ride. Thoughts are not as present then. I don't know if it's the higher heart rate, the fact that I need to be more aware of the movement when running or needing to be more aware of the environment because of moving faster when riding a bike or a combination of it all. Fact is, I hate walking for this reason, even when not alone. I start ruminating and start to feel like crap when there's something going on.
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    Temperature still normal. No symptoms. I guess having this kind of "diary" will be the new normal for medical staff working with ER patients because the corona tests are not fast enough for a quick screening at bedside. It kind of gives me the creeps when thinking about how many colleagues and other patients could've possibly been infected by one patient only with unknown corona infection. Yes, we all wore N95 or FFP2 masks and the patient wore a simple mask but anyway...
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    Happy 27th Birthday esuttle85!

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