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    How It Went, For Me!

    tonibugg I'm actually quite tempted. I want a juicy burger but in my gut I do not feel hungry like that empty hungry feeling. Every day the pains get a little better. tjloser I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thought I would do a play by play for others, but also for my own record
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    Thanks for your story! This is awesome to communicate with others who're going through the same experiences. I'm not scheduled until August28th and I can't wait!!! I scheduled my flights today, from Western Ky. to Mexico, just the trip has me excited. I've never been to Mexico, or on a large jet. I'm going by myself, my hubby can't get off work to go, there's no-one else I would want to take with me.. I look forward to the time alone really...I'm a nurse, mother, wife, Never get to be alone. Anyways, I hope you're still doing well, sounds like you're doing well on energy, you diet etc.. I hope I have similar experience. I think I will, I'm not afraid, or even skeptical about the procedure and am familiar with what to expect. I also realize the band is a tool, not a cure-all for wt. loss. I plan to exercise, eat 3 good meals a day, and be patient most of all. Keep us posted please, we enjoy reading others' day to day experiences/feelings/and especially the successes...
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    You say you posted this but can't see it. I found it no problem. You might have to refresh or even close your browser and reopen. Great read! Good lick.
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    I Met A Small Goal!

    You go girl!!! I managed to get in an hour of laps in the pool and my arms are killing me now...lol!
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    I had to comment on this blog, I work in healthcare and see the abuse of the system every darn day. Medicare as everyone stated prior is earned, and it is there to help people over 65, disabled individuals and transplant receipients. Medicare benefits at that are kind of crappy which drives me nuts since everyone pays into it. Medicaid on the other hand is a whole different beast. I live in one of the most expensive states in the union, and about half of our patients are on medicaid for medical. I honestly don't feel bad about children receiving it, I'm from the school of every child under 18 deserves medical care. But, what frustrates me is that where I live, every six months you have to literally mail in a postcard to the state updating your demographic info and your medicaid is updated for another six months. People who don't do this, expect me (who has nothing to do with the patient other than paying for their medical) to do it, I'm like "you're an adult do it yourself" of course I can't say that, but I say it in a nice way lol. I think there should definetly be a time limit on how long people are on medicaid, unless they have a chronic illness (ie cancer) and they literally cannot work due to their illness. @bayougirl, you think that's bad in regards to the junk food on your dime? How about where I live they can use them at fast food restaurants. Real nice, huh?

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