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  1. My daughter was spinning with her plastic doll. I was walking and she lost her footing and she spin right into me spinning said doll right into my groin.....That was an hour ago and my stomach is still cramping! She came up to me right after and said I sowwy dada. All is forgiven, but I think she knocked my band up into my esophagus...lol!
  2. xsentrick

    Before and after

    I'm hoping to accomplish the same thing! Got my lettermans jacket hanging in the closet.
  3. xsentrick

    Got my boots!!

    Looking great!!
  4. xsentrick

    A fresh start for me.

    I've been away from the site for a few months. After my mom passed away back in October, I found myself returning to food for emotional comfort. I miss her everyday, but after 4 months of no weightloss, I've decided I need to get over it and kick things into high gear. I called my Dr.'s office because I had not seen him in like 3 months. Every appointment I had kept getting canceled and rescheduled another month and half out, so I have not been getting regular fills. Up until 4 weeks ago. I called the clinic and asked if they could see me and give me a fill. The doc there said I should have already been to the halfway point of my band being filled and was adament that she was going to get me caught up and back on track. She gave me a fill and said come back in two weeks. I was feeling slight restriction again...yay! 2 weeks later I went back and she gave me another fill...this time I felt a lot of restriction and even had a hard time with some foods, but it's a good thing! I haven't weighed myself during this time..so I'm hoping there is weight loss...I can tell there is, just not sure how much. So I have another appointment this Wednesday with the same clinic and the doc will let me know how it goes....I finally feel like I am back on track and hope to get some serious weightloss logged into my journal. Thanks for your attention and I hope everyone is doing well.
  5. xsentrick

    Personal Messages

    I feel so left out. I want a stalker!
  6. xsentrick

    Can't change my pic!

    Google chrome worked for me.
  7. xsentrick

    Foods that cause problems

    I hadn't had any food issues until I had my last fill and now I just cannot handle corn tortillas. They hurt going down no matter how much I chew. So far that has been my only food that causes problems, but I just won't have them anymore.
  8. xsentrick

    DFW support group

    I'd love to make one of these meetings. May possibly be able to make Wednesdays meeting.
  9. xsentrick

    Could It Be My Gallbladder?

    My wife was going through the exact same thing. Even had her band unfilled. That night we took her to the ER. Diagnosis was pancreatitis brought on by a gall stone. After a week in the hospital they removed her gall bladder.
  10. xsentrick

    Sexual Question For The Ladies

    This topic is making me hungry. It's about passion. Don't over think it. As Bruce Lee said, "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of that heavenly glory.".
  11. xsentrick

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    I hope to wear a beret some day.
  12. xsentrick


    I have Transformers and a Princess Leia action figure in my nightstand. She has her toys and I have mine. :-) Sorry, don't mean to make light of the subject, but yeah I think because of the stigma that it is dirty or wrong is why she may not have told you. Same with guys who don't feel telling their partners when they masturbate. My wife has no idea it's the first thing I do when I get home from work. My advice to you is to let her know you'd love to help her use them the next time she's in the mood. You never know. Good luck my friend!
  13. xsentrick

    I-Band ?

    Had iband done on 6/12/2012...down 55 pounds. No complications whatsoever! I highly recommend it.
  14. xsentrick

    I Get..

    As long as you aren't running any fever, I believe they will still do it. Good luck!
  15. xsentrick

    Support Group For Dfw Banders!!

    Hi WebChik! I'm doing great! I am down 52 pounds since my surgery and feel great. Dr. Snow and his team are awesome! If I have any questions they are more than happy to answer them. I've been pretty issue, no stuckies or anything like that, but following the eating instructions is key. It hasn't been easy, but is so well worth it. Keep us updated on your scheduling and feel free to ask me anything. I'll be happy to help as best I can.
  16. xsentrick


    2 weeks and then it was on like Donkey Kong!
  17. xsentrick

    Explain It To Me!

    Now THAT is funny!! :-)
  18. and my libido is through the roof!!! Loving this!
  19. Sounds like maybe your port might be putting some pressure on a nerve or two. Mention it to your surgeon, but I believe it is something that will get better with time. I had something similar, but it only lasted a week for me.
  20. xsentrick

    50 Pounds Down And Into Onederland!

    Awesome!! I'm 51 pounds away from onederland and hope to be as successful as you!
  21. xsentrick


    I slept on my right side with a pillow wedged under my tummy for comfort. About a week later I was able to sleep in any position without discomfort.
  22. xsentrick

    Silver Linings...

    Way to stay positive!!
  23. xsentrick

    Ultimate In Women's Body Piercing

    Makes me think of BEETLEJUICE...BEETLEJUICE...BEETL...............
  24. xsentrick


    I don't have problem with egg beaters, but prefer some good ole farm fresh brown eggs.
  25. xsentrick

    Explain It To Me!

    To me it sounds like he doesn't understand how the band and your body work together. It seems that his expectations as to how much weight and how quickly you lose it are a little on the high side. Just try talking to him and educating him on how the LB works as a tool to assist you and what to expect as far as weight-loss goes. Knowledge is power!

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