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    Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!

    hope u feel better soon
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    Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!

    Sorry you were feeling bad. I understand the AMA thing. I felt bad Friday, called my doctor and he sent me for outpatient IV fluids instead of to the ER and I was HAPPY!!! ERs have too much of a wait time. I hope that you are feeling better. It's scary to think you may have a leak and I pray that you don't!!! Please keep me posted!!
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    Liberated Sleeve

    Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!

    I'm sorry you are feeling ill Natural. You mentioned you got your period and I noticed on another post you said you weren't able to get your vitamins in like you should. I wonder if you might be really low on Iron? That on top of being hydrated would really suck. Have you talked to your doctor again since you left the ER?
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    4 Days Out And Feeling Guilty

    Only piece of advice that i can give you is......... DO YOU ....... don't DO anybody else... what we all have in common is that we recognized that we needed to lose weight and did something about it. That's where, in my opinion, is where the commonality ends... EXCEPt .. we all want to cross the finish line, whether that's to lose weight or to get off medication. Everyone's road is different, all paths are not the same.. So try not to compare yourself to someone else's success. Give people an "atta boy", mean it.. and wish them well. That's what we are here on these boards to do encourage each other when we feel discouraged, listen, when folks just want to vent.. offer advice when it's warrented... Do you! You WILL lose weight, you WILL feel great... and you WILL succeed.. even if this takes longer than other people. I know this sounds so cliche(ish) but.. we all know that the tortise wins the race!
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    9 Days

    Congratulations on the 10lbs and glad your feeling better. The gas stays for a while but does get better, Gas=X will be come your new best friend and you will need it time and again so buy some and always carry it with you. As far as soda there is mixed reviews, some say yes some say no. I have found that it is just better to give it up, carbonation creates a lot of gas and it makes you burp. Some of the early literature says that it may stretch the stoma and I was just not willing to risk that. I am 17 months post-op and I have had a sip of diet coke and honestly the taste is not the same. i do agree that drinking water all the time is boring and I use alot of the flavored water packets to mix things up and the diet Lipton green tea, makes me feel like I am having a soda. I do drink coffee and sometimes have a skinny latte from star bucks but my doctor told me if I drink coffee that for every cup of coffee I drink I need to drink that much more water, so I cut back on my coffee consumption. As for the family BBQ, next time it comes up you will be able to participate, so you have something to look forward to. I was banded 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and believe me it was a tough fall and winter holiday season but it tested my dedication and I made it and so can you. Good luck!
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    60 Pounds Gone!

    Congratulations on 60lbs! That's awesome! and in 3/12 months! Wow! I hope that by May 13, I can say the same thing! Or sooner...April 25th will be three months post-op for me, and it will be my 43rd birthday...I mean 4th anniversary of my 39th birthday. What a great present to myself that would be! As for your dad...maybe he enjoys seeing updated pictures of you and that's was his skewed attempt of letting you know that?? Maybe not...but it could be he's very proud of your achievement and maybe doesn't really know how to express it, especially if you haven't been very close to begin with. I pray that is what it is. But it sounds like that even without him, you have lots of other family support to help you celebrate! God bless!