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  2. Frustr8

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Thank you for your service and Thank You for being a part of us. We do often need a male point of view in the our Sea of Femininity!
  3. rs

    Bathing Suits

    These are the swim shorts I got. I really like them. You can get any swim top, any style, to go with it.
  4. AngieBear

    Bathing Suits

    Most of my swimming is in lakes and creeks while hiking/backpacking or kayaking. So what I wear needs to be adventure ready. I have some new swim trunks that are like bike shorts, sports bra, and an athletic top that dries fast. That’s if there are other people around. If it’s just us, then the sports bra and shorts come off, as just undies and the light top will dry faster. I love tankinis, and have a couple. I just never end up using them.
  5. gabybab


    Torie, It's early and your weight loss so far is excellent. I know firsthand how you feel. I want it to be faster and I compare myself to other people. I can eat more now and it's scary, but my weight is slowly going down. I know that it will keep going down for you as well. Have faith and give it time. Let us know how you do! My best to you💕
  6. allies journey


    Just keep your chin up and I am sure things will get better soon. Good luck with your weight loss. Allie
  7. Torie Faye


    Thanks so much. The nutritionist has given me a book I follow everyday. I work out drink water, I don't cheat, its frustrating. I will continue to work hard.
  8. Krestel

    Anyone else into Slow Jogging?

    How is slow jogging for the knees? I happened upon the video in my Youtube recommendations. Looks interesting...Will it help you to transition to normal running/jogging?
  9. allies journey

    Pounds lost

  10. allies journey

    Pounds lost

    Awesome weight loss! Congratulations. Allie
  11. jcardi1133

    Any Teen Sleevers?

    Hi! I'm 17 and just had my surgery 4/12/19. So far 5 1/2ish weeks out and doing pretty well. HW: 265lbs SW: 258lbs CW: 221lbs
  12. allies journey

    I'm 60. Anyone else over 50 doing RNY?

    I am not sure what is difference between kgs and pounds. But I see a lot of people who are on liquids for a few weeks. Not sure how long the normal liquid diet is after your surgery. But glad you are doing well. Allie
  13. allies journey


    Did you get the sleeve or RNY?? I had sleeve 2 5 yrs ago and am waiting for approval from the insurance company for RNY revision surgery due to reflux. I have heard several people who had RNY revision surgery have an early stall but some are not getting enough calories in as well. Hopefully you will start losing again soon. If you're concerned about it call your Nutritionist and ask questions about your food intake and fluids. They may have suggestions for you. Good luck, Allie in SC
  14. I have been giving away my clothes as I shrink. My pictures span decades, and it’s part of who I am. There are so many amazing memories in them, they stay.
  15. chulachichi

    Lap band removal

    Hi! I had my LB put in on 2007 n had it removed 5/2018. While having it I had all the same symptoms u had n some. I had a tummy tuck on 5/2017 causing me to have lots of port problems n leaving me no choice but to remove the LB. Since the LB was removed it’s been wonderful compared to all the problems I had. But unfortunately, 5 months down the road n in 10/2018 I too lost my thyroid n still struggling with getting my hormone levels adjusted. I’m going to finally go c an Endocrinologist at the end of this month. U having thyroid problems doesn’t have anything to do with the LB or them saying it’s the cause of absorption issues. One thing I will say is that since I lost my thyroid; I’ve gained 70 pounds due to the thyroid medication n it didn’t matter how much I diet or exercised. Ur LB removal will go fine n ur probably going to gain weight cuz ur body is going to go through a lot more major changes. So food for thought.
  16. Torie Faye


    I had my bypass surgery 04/25/2019. It was one of the happiest and best decisions made. My depression comes from the weight loss I started at 308. and now 285. I walk everyday I work out and eat what it says in my booklet. My weight is not moving, is this normal?
  17. Today
  18. ish_sheddingitall

    April Sleevers

    Hi. I had surgery on 4/15/19. HW 378. DOS 319.8. CW 296.9. I’m happy with my progress. I lost the first 18 lbs in less than 2 weeks and because of the rapid weight loss my body went into self preservation mode and installed. But I’m moving again and I think its because I am finally able to get in more protein and calories. I also walk about 2 miles and do a work out video at home about 5 days per week. So be patient. When you lose weight fast and then stop it’s your body’s natural reaction. Good luck!
  19. I had my Bypass Surgery on 04/25/2019 I'd weighted before surgery 308 and now 285. I get depressed because I thought it would be more. I follow all instructions from Dr.. Green walk every day work out and eating solid foods 

  20. cutiepie34

    28 days post op

    Hey Brandy, I've been having refried beans, cheese cubes, nuts, protein shakes, fruit smoothies with no sugar added and added scoops of unflavored protein. I've been doing a lot of chicken veggie soup. The moist chicken seems to go down best. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. gabybab

    Less than 24 hrs

    Congrats Shanda! Before you know it you will be 3 months post-op like me. Time flies! Best wishes tomorrow! Let us know how you do!!
  22. ish_sheddingitall

    Not telling anyone

    I told a few close coworkers when I felt comfortable in doing so. Of course my husband and kids know. One of my sisters and one of my best friends. I think that’s a lot of people. I’ve been laying low while I’m working on myself, inside and out, because I don’t need any outside noise, especially if it’s going to be negative. And you kinda know who’s gonna be supportive and who won’t. Tell whoever you feel comfortable with and be vigilant in protecting your peace and energy. If someone comes with that BS, stop them and let them know their opinion isn’t needed, in a nice way of course lol
  23. I've perfect vision my whole life. I'm 54 and in the last 5-7 years I developed an astigmatism out of the blue. I have 20/60 in my left eye now. On top of that I need +2.50 reading glasses to read. Could it maybe be just aging? That's what my eye dr told me. Also, before surgery I would get blurry vision at night. My endo told me it was from my high bs. I hope you find an answer!
  24. gabybab

    One month post op RNY

    I lost really quick the first month. Stalled for 3 weeks and resumed losing. I would say that a pretty good amount of weight lost.
  25. Yes, been banded since 2009. Cannot wear my cpap d/t waking up coughing and some days I can eat whatever I want other days everything is getting stuck even if I chew chew chew! Been experiencing a lot of nausea lately. Doctor took all I had in my band will have barium swallow in 2wks. Then band removed, will wait 3mths to GBP.
  26. Lolo 2020

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Thank tae renee! Feel really good! a few more lbs to goal so I can say I was there 🤣
  27. MLB357

    Less than 24 hrs

    you got it
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