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  2. ccrider

    Post 4/17/19

    Ive tried it all
  3. seaforest

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    B-side from yesterday - I have both dogs and cats. Once upon a time, I thought I was a cat person but nowadays, I'm a dog person. Also, horses...always loved horses. I'm generally patient but do have my impatient moments. I'd have to say Star Wars over Star Trek. 24. 19 push-ups completed. I'm going out to dinner tonight with friends, so that's a treat. I suspect I'm going to stop at the local nursery this afternoon after my eye dr. appointment so if I shop, that will be my real treat! B-side - I haven't tried the new ice creams. I do have a love of Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry's - I don't remember the last time I had any ice cream - might even have been last Summer. I'm sure I'll have a cone at some point this Summer - how can I not? I live on Cape Cod and they are so good after a day at the beach.
  4. mousecat88

    Anxiety Meds before, during and After

    Okay, few things... I was on Xanax for 15 years (6mg a day) and I was able to just stop and start - no withdrawals symptoms. Some years I was on XR, some the instant release. Do you actually experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms or do you just think you will? Or do you just have increased anxiety? I was switched to Valium because it lasts longer. I now take 30mg of valium a day (in 3 doses). I take as needed, however, so rarely 3 a day (typically one at night). They are small, like Xanax. Rather than going down in dose since surgery, I have needed an increased dose. I was only at 10mg a day, but another anxiety medication I was taking, Tenex, was causing me to blackout when standing so they had to stop me on that. I did have very severe rebound anxiety after the removal of the Tenex, which is when they increased the Valium. Pill size only mattered if they were giant horse pills. I had to crush my Potassium pill for a month. I was also on Ambien CR (the extended release). They told me to switch to instant after surgery, which doesn't help as much, but I did. HOWEVER, I have run out on occasion of the instant release and take a leftover extended release pill and it still works just as effectively. Every body is different, but the extended release may still work exactly the same for you, like the Ambien CR did for me. Can you switch to the instant release Xanax if you are concerned about it? I don't think there is any shame on being on a benzodiazepine the rest of your life if it helps. I intend to be on either Xanax or Valium forever BECAUSE IT WORKS. No interest in not taking it and no shame in needing it.
  5. Ask for Dilaudid - worked better than morphine for me.
  6. Thank you. How was drinking alcohol for you post op? Sent from my VS995 using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. mousecat88

    No family support

    My mother was not supportive. She was vehemently against it, actually. She said I could lose it with diet and exercise "if I really tried" and I was mutilating my body. She said that when I am older the vitamins may not be enough and I could have nutritional deficiencies, etc. And, of course, all the possible complications. She reminded me in the weeks pre-op how stupid I was for doing this to myself. And even now, 7 months later, the most she can say is "I'm happy you're happy but I don't support this." Screw it. You're not doing it for her. Who cares what she has to think. As long as she will watch your kids, that's all you need to worry about.
  8. mousecat88

    Hair losssssssss

    My hair loss started 3 weeks out from surgery and now I am almost 7 months and it has not stopped or slowed down at all. I have extremely thin hair now.
  9. TGIF everyone and hope you have a Blessed Memorial Weekend this weekend! Just a little levity and affirmation--patience and progress--not perfection:
  10. MrsGamgee

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Day 24 - treat yourself Not sure how I can treat myself today, as treats up to now have largely been comprised of food and that pattern must and is changing. Perhaps I'll do a bit of a mini spa day... face mask, shaving my legs, etc. B-side: not sure honestly. I haven't tried Halo top yet, and I'm not really wanting regular ice cream either. Sent from my SM-G960W using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. mistyrose191

    Nicotine blood test

    ok I need to pass my nicotine test I have already failed one borderline.. I need some help I went from a pack and a half to 3 or4 day .. I have tried very hard to not smoke .. but doing it cold turkey
  12. I was in awful pain - and my surgeon refused to give me anything stronger than tylenol. My mum, bless her wee heart, was so upset that she Fedexed her own hydrocodone to me. Which you are not meant to do, obviously. But you never stop being a mum, I guess. After about 5-7 days it was more manageable with over the counter pain meds. It is definitely major surgery - the incisions look like 6 stab wounds, and wouldn't you feel sore after that? Hang in there - and keep on at your team until they find medication that works for you! I hope you're feeling better soon!
  13. Frustr8

    What do your tattoos look like now?

    Cool, the idea of yet color enhancement sounds cool. Took care of a guy at one of the nursing homes around here, his had faded to where he had only green outlines, if I invest I want one with a 5,000 mile gaurentee!
  14. Today though, I caught a squirrel (my favourite animal - I love them and have a whole hoard that I feed) rocking itself in a porch chair, as bold as brass. 20190522_190711.mp4
  15. I didn't get a walk in yesterday because I had to go to Albany and be fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security in case I do something I shouldn't - anyway, the hearse seen parked nonchalantly outside McDonald's at the Thruway rest stop tickled me for some reason. Life is nothing if not ridiculous, right? 🤣
  16. Well Healthy life 2, my ortho says I can re-exercise my operated arm, he'll sing for me to have PT at any of the facilities around here, I am starting by lifting food cans as pre- handweights, call it vanity but when I do go, and I told him, I'll tell him where I went my referall to go. You know cans of tomato juice have some weight to them, I'll give at home, then when I go, have a therapist or trainer I won't look like such a 70+ worn- out wimp. But I am going develop as much strength as my mostly shot joints will allow.
  17. Frustr8

    No family support

    A little remember, it says Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" is she so certain she has achieved that level of perfection? I grew up in one group of Evangelical Christians, my late husband from another, I have attended so many revivals, camp meetings , bible studies and Sunday morning services, if there were Merit Badges for Christianity, mine who have a figure with their arms reaching up toward Heaven and maybe in Gold Embroidery" Hallelujah". Now I am not as radical as I once was, I try to ❤ everybody and gave over other control to God, let him do what He Thinks Best!
  18. I had the same thing! Except I ate the pickle pops. So good Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. Frustr8

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Sounds like a cool new thing to do, crafty but neat, bet it turned out well! I remember Orchids and Dragons saying Cheezits were her Bug-a-boo, well Tomkitten has a box of them, White Cheddar, I used to like cheese things. How could 2 little crackers hurt me? So I hollered until he brought me two, I chomped and chomped, WTF, they tasted about as good as styrofoam, spit them into a tissue and that was it! So I guess my #24 effort is I tried being sinful, couldn't even succeed at that!
  20. Cheeseburgh

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Lol! If you saw the Gelato place near me you would understand, this place is insane and dangerous and I don’t have a big sweet tooth! Chocolate trigger warning!
  21. Romanoloser

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Hi everyone I haven't posted in a bit. Surgery April 9th. Since surgery I have been craving pickles, and I eat one every night. Has anyone else had this weird craving?? Starting Weight 251 Surgery Weight 238 Current Weight 208
  22. GreenTealael

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

  23. Today
  24. Healthy_life2

    Overtraining & Stalls???? Frustrated.....

    I may be the old chick in the room, But I’m still amazed at how transforming weightlifting and gaining muscles has been. I had a hard time in my first year to build muscle. It got better after my weight loss slowed down.
  25. Cheeseburgh

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Learn something new: I went to an art event this week and learned how to whitewash and stencil wood. Treat yourself: Heading to JJill to get a new outfit. 9 month follow up went great yesterday, they are fine with where I’m at but I haven’t decided what my goal weight is quite yet. Once I hit 140, I think I’ll have a better idea. I am in my usual stall after a loss, so I expect I’ll hit that number in 3 weeks if I follow my usual pattern. B side: I don’t care for the Halo top type of ice creams. I haven’t had any ice cream since surgery, it isn’t really one of the foods I crave. If I was going to indulge, I would have a small amount of gelato.
  26. Sosewsue61

    No family support

    Your mother may profess to be Christian, but she is using it for harm rather than good. There are toxic relationships even in the face of Christianity. Also beware, even after you have success toxic people will up the ante and try to sabotage you. All relationships will change because you must change. These aren't little changes either, be strong. https://www.sleeveacademy.com/SleeveVsBypass https://youtu.be/Os_vwpdMzh0
  27. Healthy_life2

    What do your tattoos look like now?

    **laughing at myself** I had a tattoo done when I was in my 20's. After weight loss, my tat is smaller and more colorful.
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