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  2. Thank you I will be taking my own vodka and light cranberry and definitely drinking it slowly cause it will be my first time drinking when i go to Vegas so I'm not sure how my body will handle it. [emoji1][emoji6][emoji4] Sent from my VS995 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. hey there, i am so glad i found you guys here! i would like to know more information about how to get slimband removal and how to make lawsuit. I had been suffering so long vomiting and difficult swallowing as well gain weight due this slimband was not helpful a lot. My doctor doesn't know who to referal to me for slimband removal. I am 25 and have no health insurance so i am kinda more debt would have paid removal sugery out of my pocket. my email is falie93@hotmail.com
  4. I did have a herniation in my C6. I had an MRI and co sult with a surgeon. he gave me 3 choices. Wait Shots Surgery I waited and it eventually subsided. I no longer had the numbing and tingling in my fingers. That was 12 years ago. I do have 4 bulging discs in my lower back and have chronic pain. I've lost almost 60 lbs and it has not made a difference. My back is a mess. I'm not sure what my future holds with the pain, but I've been in pain for years.
  5. GreenTealael

    Weight Gain 1yr post VGS

    Hi I'm 1.5yrs post op Starting 250ish lowest 150lbs current 155ish I generally don't exercise except walking. This is not meant to be braggadocious but to add to the plot. At my lowest of 150lbs I accidentally overexercised by walking too much in efforts to get my kids to walk more. Lame. At 155lbs I am at my normal level of walking/activity. If i over indulge during a special occasion i may make it up to 158lbs. Then I have to walk a little more and eat less/cleaner for a while to drop the excess. Its a balancing act. But most of us have a range not a fixed number. Its usually +/- a few lbs around a certain weight. (Do you know your maintenance range or Have you yet to maintain a weight post op?) It *may* be possible to lose more weight than you would have ordinarily through exercise and if that level is unsustainable and stops, you may find yourself back to where you would have landed otherwise. HOWEVER Diet matters. A great deal. If you cant burn more calories than you are consuming you gain. You have to consume less (or equal) calories than you metabolize to lose or maintain (simplified version -bio majors help a girl out 😂) You can control, to a degree, what will happen by the choices you make. Catching small numbers and adjusting i imagine must feel immeasurably easier than larger gains. Mood/motivation will also play a part. If you've given up/burnt out that's something to address and multiple ways to get support. And always check in with your team to see what professional support and advice they can offer. Good luck 💖
  6. And I'll be there at the end of July this year as well....
  7. This was me last year....exactly....well.....I was only 9 weeks post when I went....but I was told.... straight no mixers or champagne....slow to make sure it didn't sneak up on me....I found out in Vegas that if I drink....any kind and of sugar literally puts me to sleep....lol....but enjoy and have fun....almonds...and cheese....
  8. Quinnmedicinewoman

    BCBS insurance approval

    Do any one know how easy it is to get approval for a lap-band revision to RNY through BCBS or if they even cover it? Approval was easy for the lap-band but wasn't sure about revision surgery. I have to have lap-band removed and wait 3 months and have revision. Not sure if they (BCBS) would count as having 2 surgeries and would pay for the removal but not the revision. I checked the website and it seems unclear to me and I am afraid to call them and ask or do the physician's office take care of submitting whatever is needed to check for coverage and what percentage? I know my questions sound redundant but I am really seeking sincere advise. Thank you in advance!
  9. Thank you... I will focus on protein mainly and water. [emoji6] Sent from my VS995 using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. GettingDHealthy

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    I was originally told that my surgery would be scheduled sometime at the end of June. Talked with the surgeons office this week for a check in and my surgeon has taken the month of June off to travel. I’m excited for him but a little bummed at the same time. This pushes my surgery back to mid/end of July. School starts mid August and I’m worried I won’t have enough healing time before I go back to work....trying not to stress out!
  11. Today
  12. New foals. Not uncommon in central KY... If you see one drinking a bottle of bourbon, that’s less common.
  13. Prestonandme

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    Yes, I am panicking and am a bit depressed as well. I think I have researched too much. I've read medical abstracts about complications, bulletin boards where people list all their bad experiences, etc., etc. I am questioning whether I picked the best surgeon. Another one in my area has done 2000 bariatric surgeries and has never had a single death. I only have very basic information about my own surgeon. He said one patient died from alcohol poisoning after drinking large quantities of alcohol early in his healing process. Hope I can calm down and be more optimistic before my surgery.
  14. djgirl19

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    Guys, they called from press mission to schedule my pre class and final tests today and I panicked a little. Maybe because I just realized I am 12 days(almost 11) away and that eating is literally about to stop. 🤣 I guess it’s just getting really real now and I’ve been talking about this so long I feel like maybe a part of me thought I would never get here. Is anyone else Panicking a little? I’m afraid I’m going to break the rules, hurt myself or worst of all, not lose weight.
  15. FluffySaysForkIt!

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    I will be three days ahead of you, Samantha! Welcome to the group!
  16. Samantha T

    I'm so frustrated with my GI doctor

    Thank you! I'm kinda glad I didn't know because I would've been antsy this whole time waiting for everything to be approved lol Sent from my moto e5 plus using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. FluffySaysForkIt!

    I'm so frustrated with my GI doctor

    Hey, @Samantha T ! That is GREAT news! I am so happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will be just 3 days ahead of you- best of luck to you!
  18. Tbaby503

    got my surgery date

    I got my date today too! july 26th
  19. GradyCat

    Do You Do This?

    I was one of those people. Post-op now I feel like I have more control of both my emotions and hunger and although I've had some stress and been tempted to eat an entire box of doughnuts or something, I was able to say "No, I don't need it and it's not going to make anything better."
  20. I took a two-week cruise two months post-op sleeve and it was easy to watch what I ate by focusing on staying hydrated and making good choices of protein before anything else. I don't drink, so alcohol wasn't an issue for me. I think you can do this!
  21. GradyCat

    So full and nauseated

    Wouldn't your nausea be morning sickness and your hunger be pregnancy-related? Have you talked to your bariatric office for advice?
  22. GradyCat

    Pre-op diet blues

    It's good practice for how you'll be eating post-op. You can do it!
  23. Samantha T

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    I'm Samantha I'm 26 and I'm around 390 and I'm having the bypass on June 6th! I feel like it's been a struggle to get here from the seminar at the very beginning. My Dr doesn't require a pre op diet just a 24 hr fast before surgery. Sent from my moto e5 plus using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. I don't see the two as having any relationship to the other. Disc herniations don't just go away. Are you seeking chiropractic or other care for your back? Take care.
  25. GradyCat

    Weight Gain 1yr post VGS

    You haven't failed, my goodness, you kept 64 pounds off! That's GREAT! You will be able to get those 14 pounds back off with tracking your calories, getting in 64 oz of water, and getting in 60 oz of protein daily. You can do this!
  26. JamesL73

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Weight on 5/14 was 320. I started on pureed low carb foods, protein shakes, broth, and water on 5/15 to give myself an extra two weeks on the preop diet. Weighed today....already down to 315.... 5 lbs in a week!! Already moving in the right direction.
  27. Jay453

    Law Enforcement

    I’m in corrections but I already had 10 years plus before my surgery. Went from 280 to 150. Body has settled at 180. I’m 5’10 so this is kinda my goal weight. Maybe 10 pounds less. I’ll answer any questions you have. Sleeved October 2017
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