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PS PO Day 10: Holiday Party Aftermath & Poop Watch 2019



People Suck...

I didn't tell many people that I had WLS (just Mr, the Kid, Mom, Sister & BFF).  Those NOT in know were told that I ate much less, chose healthier foods, cut out carbs and exercised every day to lose the weight.  I've been in maintenance for a while now, so being the main topic of conversation at family parties has lessened.  My weight loss is no longer interesting, thank goodness.

These past couple days, showing up at the various Xmas parties this season hunched over from my TT, I decided to let those who asked that I had plastic surgery to remove excess skin from massive weight loss.  I was surprised to get the comments and questions most on here get from others when they share they had WLS!  I got:

  • "Why didn't you just do it the real way?"
  • "Cutting your body parts off is a little drastic, isn't it? Why didn't you just go to the gym and turn it into muscle?"
  • "I think if you just dieted more, your skin would have shrunk just like your body did"'.
  • "Plastic Surgery is cheating".
  • "Wow, that's pretty vain of you".

After attempting to explain to the first two or three busy-bodies that skin cannot turn to muscle nor shrink with massages or lotions (!), I gave up.

I always knew people are sometimes stupid, but man, extended family seems to always raise that bar of stupidity to new levels.  Should have stayed home and kept my mouth shut. Le sigh.

To add insult to injury, I didn't even get to dull the drone of their yapping with alcohol.  I am on a regular date schedule with my new friend, BENEDRYL to keep the itching at bay, and have yet to finish my round of antibiotics, so I figured I should refrain.  Which was too bad, as I'm sure a couple glasses of wine would have made these people much more funny and much less annoying. Le double sigh.

Poop Watch 2019 continues...

Today marks Day 12.  I am carrying TWELVE days of poop in me, people.

Mr. (he's a keeper) assisted me with suppository insertion this morning.  After no less than 2 minutes, I felt the sweet, sweet urge to push.  So I skipped (skipped!) to the toilet and out came........a partially melted suppository.  That's it.  Are you effing kidding me.

Now, the instructions on the box said not to use more than once in a 24 hour period.  It also said that it should have worked within 15 mins to an hour.  So I'm going to try it again at 6pm tonite, which is 12 hours after this morning's attempt as I figure I basically pooped the suppository out before it even melted and do its thing.   In the meantime I ate 2 prunes.  Good News is that it didn't make me sick, Bad News is that I am not a fan of the taste.  I am also drinking water like a crazy person.

Miraculously, despite my backed-upped-ness, I don't have any pain nor cramps.  Just a feeling of absolute bloat.  Ugh.

In other news...

  • Haven't weighed myself since the day of surgery (I was 115 lbs even 10 days ago).  Out of curiosity I stepped on the scale earlier and surprise! I am still 115 lbs even.  However, I was fully clothed, along with wearing an arm compression shrug & abdominal binder, am retaining fluid to the equivalent of a 4.5" increase in waist circumference, AND have 12 DAYS OF POOP in my belly.
  • Arms continue to not comfortably raise higher than my shoulders.
  • I am not yet standing up straight.
  • Hands continue to deflate and my forearms no longer make me look like Popeye (I'd say they are maybe 85% to normal)
  • The  v-jay is no longer sore (but is still looking up at me!)
  • For some reason my skin on my face is FABULOUS. I suspect this is due to: (1) not wearing make up for 10 days (2) all the water I have been drinking (3) all the sleep I have been getting (4) swelling???
  • Been wearing too-big clothes for comfort and ease, and am totally looking forward to putting something cute on and going out.  BUT. MY. PANTS. DON'T. FIT. Le Triple Sigh.


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    • I already planned to do some "lower"-carbing this week, though I may consider going ultra-low if I feel up to it
    • The "swelling" is from lymphedema. The PS interrupted your lymphatic drainage system And it takes a while for the body to "reconnect." And what you're experiencing with the compression gear is absolutely true! If you don't have the proper garment in place, it will cause worse swelling below the area due to the inability for that lymph fluid to drain. I wear my sleeve every day. If I don't, then my arm gets huge and if I don't wear my glove with it, then my hand turns into a balloon. I do feel better with it than without it. It gives a comfort/secure/structure feeling. LOL. So glad you are feeling better girlie!!! Oh also, you know me...biased low carber, but $10 bet says that if you ditched the high carb crap and went back to low carb, you would notice the end of your belly bloat starting in as little as 3-4 days and maybe a complete resolution of it in 2-3weeks. hehe. Sorry couldn't resist. You know me...always biased. TY for sharing your journey girlie!! You are so brave and have been a true warrior during this time!!
    • I hear ya. So I'm taking a sewing course soon on how to alter clothes. That way I can change all my post surgery clothes to the right size when needed. Also, I will get the right fit for me and not just the generic size. If you have a sewing machine, why not try taking them in yourself?
    • I'm also trying to cut back on buying clothes! My problem is the opposite of yours though... I started buying new clothes after my surgery because it was so fun to look good in everything. When I would find something I really liked, I bought multiples of it. Plus on line shopping is so easy. Click, click, and a present gets delivered to your door I've done better in January, but still found myself shopping. Just this week I had an inspiration though... when I see clothes I like, I am just taking a picture of them or of the outfit, and then replicating it with things I already own in my closet. This is fun also. I swear if I had all the money I've spent on clothes since my surgery I could have gone on an extended vacation in some exotic locale. Live and learn right? When we know better, we do better. Good luck to you on your resolution. Have you tried selling your extra items on Ebay?
    • I know you will get the chance to do everything you used to do because I am convinced of the same for me! 😉 (Thanks for commenting on my blog.)
  • Together, we have lost...