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PS Post-op Day 5: So Long, Drains! (Hello Itch)



Today's highlights:

  • Actually went Costo shopping with Mr. this morning for some last minute pot-luck parties shopping.  The greeters asked if I wanted one of these motorized shopping cart-moped combos, and while I was tempted just for the fun of it, the point was to get some walking in, so I declined.  It was the most exercise I got at one shot in 5 days.  I was pooped...went home and took a 2 hour hap afterwards.
  • Had my first follow up with my surgeon this afternoon, and he is pleased with the healing, etc., etc.
    • The swelling I continue to have is normal.  Suggestion: drink water, move around, it will get better.
    • The itchiness I am experiencing is normal.  Suggestion: drink water, stay cool, take Benedryl, it will get better.
    • The dizziness I am experiencing is normal.  Suggestion: drink water, move around, eat more, get up slowly, ease up on the narcotics, take the prescribed Iron, it will get better.
    • My tight feeling va-jay-jay is normal.  Suggestion: apply ice packs as needed, it will get better (He also said does not look odd to him.  He says I may not be used to the way it looks because I can actually see it now.  Before the TT, there was excess skin above it the hid it lower between my legs.)
    • I am now free to shower.
    • Any steri-stips that fall off or get loose are to be covered over with a new steri-strip until my next appt on Jan 8th.
    • Am to continue using my arm compression garment, sports bra & abdominal binder.
  • When the tech was changing my dressings, I started to itch really badly.  It seemed to get worse as the appointment went on.  By the time we were walking to the car in the parking lot, it was so bad I was almost crying.  Mr. drove us to the closest pharmacy and bought me a rapid-acting liqui-gel Benedryl.  Within 10 minutes I was feeling better, and in another 20 minutes the itchiness was gone.  BENEDRYL PEOPLE.  BENEDRYL IS YOUR FRIEND. (but it does make me quite sleepy).
  • My long-awaited shower was a tandem one, as Mr. insisted he be there in case I pass out or something.  I didn't pass out. But I did have him wash my hair.
  • I am anxious to stand up straight as the sore back is screaming at me.  And I thought I would be able to do so by the time our annual 5-xmas-parties-over-3-days party marathon kicks off tomorrow night but its looking like its not going to happen...


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