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Back in The Ink Saddle



I have always loved to write, before I knew it was told my therapists that it was therapeutic that it would cleanse my soul. My journals held my pains my sorrows, my deep internal griefs and tears. I have reread journals and don't find many writing of happy good times. Perhaps I wanted to keep those my secrets. So now that I am paying much attention to my self, my journal has appeared again.  I have actually gained some weight back but I don't think because of eating habits, I go to the gym 4-6 days a week and I might have built up a little muscle. The need to write again has been strong, and in searching for blogs I couldn't find anything that I felt comfortable with but here. so ...... My regular doctor retired and there is this really  young cute dr. taking his place, you want me to lift my shirt? "Oh doctor", batting eyelashes, yeah right.  I had not gone in for a year and a half and doctor was a bit surprised as to why I was there. I said I need to get back in check. I have never had more than 3ccs. and my body gets crazy, tight, gagging, you know the whole drill. So he gave me 1/2 a cc 2 months ago. I have an appointment next week maybe for another 1/2 cc. In looking back , I don't think it really was my body reacting. I truly feel it was my brain, fighting the restriction.  When I got that 1/2 cc I took it slowly I went back to rookie status, the soft foods. I do find that I often let the day go without eating as frequently as I should so when I do eat, I'm scarfing food down and it tends to get stuck. which I end up throwing up. (sigh) I need to work on that. We shall see how that next 1/2 cc goes. 


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