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Christmas aftermath



Christmas is over, it's January, a whole new year. New beginnings.


So in my last blog I did talk about calories and there being a lot of them during Christmas.

I did not step on the scale until this morning. I was dreading it!! Seriously.


But I am my worst enemy. We are we so mean to our own mind, why do we think such bad thought about what we do? I was sure I'd gained at least 5 pounds!


BUT!! I had lost weight!! yesssss so happy. Not much but hey! from thinking I'd gained 5 pounds to loosing a few grams hah! I'm happy with that :)


After getting the lap band I've really missed carbonated drinks. Like carbonated water (no added flavors or sugar) and maybe a beer when out with friends. But I haven't had a single drop of beer or carbonated water since May last year. I did try a carbonated Christmas drink that we have in Iceland and it gave me nausea. But I wasn't giving up. And I won! I can drink carbonated drinks. I just have to be very careful!!.

I don't drink diet or sugar drinks (pepsi, coke, mountain dew..) stopped that 4 years ago. But carbonated water mmm love it. Like the fizz.

So what I have to do it to pour it in a glass. No drinking from a bottle. Let the fizz set so the drink looks "calm" (wait a minute or two) and then drink it. And then be careful, be extra careful to burp!! yes burp, that's the magic.


But burping means I can't drink it anywhere. Not at work, restaurants or any public places. I know my manners haha. I can only drink it at home where I can give it a big loud burp. Because if you hold the burp, the nausea comes.


I think I've developed a six pack under all that fat from all the stomach exercise on burping and well when I have Productive burping or food stuck. I never new I could manage stuff inside like that.


I'm seeing my doctor on Wednesday. I'm going to ask for a fill because I kinda feel hungry about 3-4 hours after lunch. And I mean hungry, like I want to eat anything I see. Maybe that's Christmas aftermath. Maybe I'm thinking more about food now, something I didn't do so much after Christmas? Not sure. The brain is a tricky thing. I have now a 6.2 or 6.3 cc in my band and I think it's ok to put more in it. My doctor is careful with fillings and only wants to fill it with 0.1cc at a time (at least with me)


Oh and this weekend is so difficult. I'm having the cravings, candy cravings. Like Chocolate! I have not and will not cave in. I'm thinking about how happy I was this morning when I stepped on the scale. So I will not have a single bite. But ugh hate days like these!


ok so 2016 is starting very well and my goal is to loose about 20 pounds before April (omg!). I will succeed!


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