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Christmas! My favorite time of the year where I can eat as much as I want of great food and lots and lots of candy. Everything is allowed!


Hmmm no anymore! This is my first Christmas after the lapband and it's been different than the Christmases of the past.


Here in Iceland, Christmas is a 13 day celebration. You can just imagine all the food involved in that celebration!!

Main Christmas meal with my family was Beef Wellington. OMG it was so good but I ate so little and the slices were so thick that I had to throw half of it in the trash. I felt so bad throwing such a good food out. We had so much left over that I didn't even feel right keeping it for later eating.

Also we are big on smoked meat. We have both smoked lamb and then smoked ham (ham for new years) and I just had a little amount. I can tell you that I have NOT failed my band. I am so happy yay :)


This is the first Christmas in probably my entire adult life that I haven't felt sick because I ate too much. I was being so careful. But we do have appetizers and deserts ugh those are my worst enemies! I decided to enjoy Christmas and have a little of everything and I do mean little. Trust me I've been very careful of not over eating. I never felt this "ohh I'm full" feeling this Christmas.


But eating little doesn't mean the calorie intake hasn't risen. But we have to live, we have to enjoy.


And let's talk about that a little.


I asked if I could eat some pop corn at a movie trip. I got the response that it's high in carbs and we should not do recreational eating.

Ok ok, I totally get that. But I go to the movies literally once a year! I don't enjoy going to the movies so on special occasions I do go if someone asks me. And yes that's once a year.

A small bag of popcorn (not American size), and I mean a small size, this one time will not do any harm, seriously. What it can do though is that you could begin to crave it and eat it more regularly at home, now that's bad. But a small bag, not even a 0.5l Coke bottle fits in it, will not do harm.

I had some and well IF and I say IF I have some again, it will be as a meal because that little bag made me full. And also some of it got stuck and I didn't feel that at all until I drank water. So I don't know even if I want it again.


I've done LOTs of diets, I've done really well but I have always given up! Why? because the restrictions were always so high. NEVER eat candy, NEVER eat cakes, NEVER eat any sweets, NEVER this and NEVER that.

Sure it works for some people but we all go through our own paths in this fight. Don't judge if someone decides to NEVER have something or if someone allows them selves to have a little on special occasions. What ever works best for us.


Like my doctor says, we are humans, we have to be nice to us once in a while, or else we will not manage. And once in a while does not mean every week, it means like once a month or on special occasions.


So, I might not loose weight this Christmas but I'm totally fine with that. I've accomplished so much this Christmas, I've won many victories (throwing out left overs) and my Christmas is so much better now than before. I love it and I feel good :)


After Christmas, I'm going to work harder on my goal. I have set a goal for April when I'm going to renew my clothes and I'm going to make it :)


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I whole-heartedly agree. As long as we follow the basics of Protein first and eating slowly- popcorn or some other delicious treat wont hurt. I'm just 5 months post op and have lost 65 pounds. I find that the serving size is what I have to change so I don't end up throwing alot of food away.

We saw the new James Bond Movie - Spectre at Christmas and I ate a bit of popcorn. It tasted great - but I was a little nauseated - so I did not continue:( i guess I've learned to pay more attention to my body's signals and symptoms.

Happy New Year!

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Exactly! Agree! And congratulations for your 65 pounds! That's awesome!!

Yeah some stuff I can't eat anymore since it makes me feel nauseated as well. This all feels like being born again, learning new stuff all the time :)

Happy new year :)!

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