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Change of attitude?



Ok so my edema has been bothering me.


To explain, I gained 2kg or 4.4 pounds over night this morning! And no I did not eat that much. This just happens *sigh*


But ok now it's evening and I've lost most of it again. But I can hardly eat for breakfast and lunch.


So what to do?


I've decided to approach things differently. I don't eat breakfast and I have no problem with that.

For lunch I've decided to go back to basic. Mashed food and liquid. I had a mashed banana (I like that), small protein drink and a small smoothie.


Now I'll see how long I manage that. I was a bit hungry at 4 pm when I came back home but I was careful not to overeat.


So now I'm going to stop complaining and adjust. I've seen that other people also have problems with AM eating so I'm there as well.


But every time I have to pull up my pants or even panties (haha), makes me very happy and gosh never turning back!


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