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Difficult days



Ok I'm 5 weeks post op and I've been doing really good. I need to begin exercising though but my neck and back has been giving me seriously bad time.

I had to go and buy some liquid ibuprofen and I can hardly manage the days without it. Hopefully I'll get better very soon!

I'm loosing some weight and I saw a new number on the scale that I haven't seen for a whole year!! I was very happy. It was this morning but it's not my day to step on the scale so I'm not counting it as weight loss yet.


But it comes as a bit of a surprise! I am having food craving!!! I want something unhealthy soooo bad now. So yesterday was a relapse. I had some chicken and then fries!! yes fries!! Only like 10 of them (that's not a lot for me!!) and then after like 4 hours I had maybe 4 dorritos chips with salsa dip and cheese and little bit of ice cream. OMG it's so difficult to write this down but I decided to be honest about this.


I decided since I was doing to eat this, I was going to have just small amount. And comparing to how I was before getting banded, this is nothing!


Today we had guest over and there were some waffles baked. Not Belgian waffles though, but some very soft ones. I had 1 waffle with jam and whipped cream. Usually I would have like 3 or even 4. And I didn't even crave more waffles. That was surprising to me.


Weekends are so hard. It's from decades of abusing food on weekends but I need to work my mind into not thinking about food on weekends.


I don't believe that a relapse is the end of everything. You fall and you stand up again.


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