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Changes in body



My weight has dropped since the surgery, a healthy drop. I'm only counting my weight loss from the day of surgery, not before.

But my body has changed a lot more than my weight. I don't know why but it has.

I was in a bath tub yesterday and I could easily put my arms down by the side. If I did that before, it would get really tight.

My clothes are getting bigger, specially around the arms. I notice my chin has changed and my fingers. My pants are way to big now, and I need to buy new.

Why there is more change in the body that the weight surprises me. I mean I have weighed this before and not looked like this. I love it :)


I struggle a little with the amount of food to eat. I try to figure it out but it's difficult, specially at work where I'm not measuring in a cup. I have a small dessert plate that I put my food on and I think it's the right amount, maybe a little more, maybe.

But then when I'm eating with other people, I sometimes forget my speed and eat faster than I should. That means I get a reflux and have to wait a few minutes before I continue.

But hey, it's only my 4th day on solids, so I'm learning.


But I keep thinking about Band slippage and I'm so afraid it will happen. Last night when sleeping, I woke up a few times thinking I could feel my band. I guess it's imagination but it's nerve wrecking I think. I need to Google how it feels like when people have a band slippage so that I can stop worrying about it so much.


But over all it's going really well. I need to add some amount of food for breakfast because I get hungry so soon. I usually don't eat a lot. So now I have some chicken sausages and eggs. Cheerios is NOT working as breakfast. It tastes terrible when you have to chew it a lot. But I'm not used to eat hot breakfast but I'm kinda looking forward to it.


Over and out


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