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Day after tomorrow!



Well I have eaten my last solid food for a long time. Tomorrow's diet is 3 protein shakes and LOTS of water. I cannot believe the day is almost here! What a long, long ride this has been. I am so grateful I got a little break between band removal and bypass. I definitely needed to let my body rest. My esophagus is back to normal. Crazy! I thought I would be messed up for life from the problems I had with the band but apparently I am resilient. :)


Getting through tomorrow will be rough. Lots of last minute details to take care of and a couple of long car rides, but by this time tomorrow night I will be in a motel room with my daughter getting ready to go to sleep. The next morning we are off to the hospital! Surgery is late morning, and I am very glad about that. I am pretty tired of being hungry, lol.


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Well it's been a week since surgery and I actually feel pretty darn good! I am meeting my protein requirements with Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, which has 15 gm of protein and tastes amaaaazing, as well as a couple of Unjury shakes a day. I also drink 8 oz of V8 with fiber (who knew??) and I add a serving of Miralax to something every day to make sure things stay regulated. I get plenty of water or tea because I found out that dehydration actually feels like hunger. Not fan. :P I am down 22 pounds since I started my 2-week preop liquid diet, averaging 2 pounds a day weight loss this week. I have a JP drain in from surgery but I get that removed tomorrow and I cannot WAIT. I am creeped out by the drain and constantly worried i will pull out the tubing so once that is no longer an issue I will have much greater peace of mind. Exercise is supposed to be a 5-minute walk a day but I have been pushing it. I have a household to run, after all. Walmart is a great way to get some walking in, lol. :) Right now I am very happy I decided to take control of my health. The second my clothes start to look ridiculous because they are so baggy I am going shopping. I have not bought any new clothes in 2 years because I was not going to be this weight for very long. ooops. Oh well. Shopping will be a lot more fun next time I think! :)

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