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Post op day 9



I got my JP drain out yesterday and it sure feels good to be rid of that thing! I have a lot more mobility and I got to take a real shower without being tethered to that thing. Things are going pretty well. I am meeting 60 grams of protein and getting all of my fluids.


I felt the need to change things up a little bit today. I had been out running around and decided to get some baby food. I have been doing fine with Strawberry Sorbet Unjury, Chicken Soup Unjury, and Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, but I just really needed a little variety tonight, so I got some Gerber baby food. I have a little jar of Turkey and Gravy and a half a container of Squash for dinner. It may not have been quite a half cup, but boy oh boy did that hit the spot! I guess I just needed a "meal," you know? Since I am only at 50 gm for my protein intake today I can still have one of the Oikos yogurts later on, which will bring me up to 65 grams for the day and I actually feel satisfied. I felt a little funny shopping for baby food but I think it was worth it.


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Sounds like you are doing great! I need to order some of that Unjury Chicken Soup before my surgery. Most of the protein drinks and supplements are sweat, and I would think that it would be easy to get tired of sweat stuff all of the time. Good idea with the baby food!

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Hello mykidzmom! When is surgery? I just had my 2-week postop check in with my surgeon and my nutritionist yesterday and apparently I am doing great! :) The chicken soup Unjury really is delicious. I enjoy a mug of it daily. It is so nice to have something savory (definitely not sweaty, LOL!!) because I am finding that the sweet protein shakes are just too much for me. There is also a product called Syntrex Nectar that is a protein isolate which, according to them, is a highly refined protein powder of very high quality. I got a 15-pack of different flavors and they are also amazing. Very fruity but not like a shake at all. They are more like Crystal LIght on steroids, lol. :)

Good luck with surgery and please check back in. I would love to know how everything is going for you!

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