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Post-Op Day's 5-6 & the end of 4

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Routine for me is a KEY & Pre Planning is another.

I am still not hungry & have to remind myself, to drink my protein. I have no problem with water. I am drinking about 80oz now, slowly. I am doing 3 shakes a day, now I have discovered I really like low sodium V8, Broth & sugar free Jello. I bought the 8oz cans of V8 incase I didn't like it, next time if I keep drinking it the 2 week of full liquids I'll buy a big can. I do add a squirt of Red's hot sauce. Oh YUMMY! I froze all the soup stock, vegetable & chicken in the freezer in 1/2C servings to mix it up a bit, jello I will only buy in the premade cups. Mrs. Dash is the best thing in the soup. I like flavors. I don't like homemade after the 2nd day. I am looking forward to 2 more days & having a pudding or a yogurt.. even MILK even though it will be skim.


I have also been making changes around my house. my kids have had to endure my diets before. but the thing they don't understand is healthy isn't a diet. I made Brownies that are made from Black beans, my kids scooped them up! they said they were the richest & best that I have made. I haven't told them nor do I think I will. I have a few weeks to work out some tried & true recipes. (not just sweets) that way by the time I can eat somewhat of the same as them, I can keep cooking those recipes & they won't have any problems with them. I am really looking forward to getting through the next 8 weeks. (according to my surgeon & dietitians plan.)

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I'm having my sleeve in 3 weeks and it really helps to know about "eating" post-op. Today I am making some bone broth (good for healing) to go in the freezer. I am lucky to live alone and not have to deal with the food needs of family members, just the animals.

Do you feel comfortable moving around and doing things at this point?

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Yes, I am to the point where I feel pretty good, other than once in awhile my belly itches, or my clothing catches on of the incisions. there still is a bit of pain when I lay on my right side, but that is expected.

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The funny thing is that since I was cleared for the puree diet, I have kept favorites from my 2 week liquid diet - V8 - yogurt - soups - applesauce - etc. being my go-to favorites along with Premier Protein shakes and Ice water cut with 50% filtered water (tap water in NJ is the pits)...

I guess we find foods that we like and discard the losers (UNjury products w/undertaste).

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