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I've been horrible about blogging-- can I say that first? When I started this process I thought there would be nothing I'd rather do than write about my experiences before and after weight loss surgery. Well, I still would LIKE to, but life and all of its obligations have continued, so forgive.

But I had to write today. Today, I got under 200 pounds for the first time in. . . I don't know. . . 14 years? That's before I started teaching.

I can't believe how amazing I feel. I've lost 63.4 pounds total, putting me at 196.6 this morning. (I always record my official weight on Fridays.) I knew that I was right about there, but actually having that number pop up on my weigh in this morning was amazing. (My surgery was 12/11/12, btw.)


Let's see. . . what else. Protein bars are my friend, eggs are not. Which is too bad because I used to love eggs. I'm averaging about 3 pounds of weight loss a week, and I'm working on my running. Last night I ran the most I EVER have, going about a mile and a half in 20 minutes of continuous jogging. I'm not very fast, but I'm getting stronger. The biggest challenge I've had on that front is that I'm having trouble switching my runs to the outdoors. I'm not as successful, but I'm trying to stay positive. I have a 5k scheduled on 4/20. I don't know if I will run the whole thing, but I should be able to do most of it, hopefully. I just hope my knees cooperate.


So that's where I am! What a wonderful day, and I'm looking forward to blowing all kinds of goals right out of the water! My next goal is to get into the 170s by the end of May for my son's graduation. Piece o' cake!


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So happy for you!!! I'm sure when I finally get back under 200 my whole neighborhood will hear me scream!!!

Keep rockin' your sleeve!

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I started running(jogging) too and within a week I can jog a full mile with out stopping. I never thought I would be so excited about running. I am so proud of you keep it up.

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Nancy, that's awesome! You picked it up way quicker than me. It took me a long time to work up to being able to do a mile, but I'm heading in the right direction. I seriously hadn't run a mile since high school which was 20 years ago. :)

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That elusive onederland has found you, Congrats! I have not seen that number 1 since what Senior Year (1986). So looking forward to being part of that club.

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