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6 days post surgery



I have to be honest, I thought this would be better for me, cause I have had so many surgeries in the past. It isn't all what I thought it would be, I'm not whining or complaining, just thinking out loud.


From waking up in intermediate ICU to all these tubes hooked up to me, wasn't how I had envisioned it. Oh, I knew there would be pain and soreness, been there done that, but simply swallowing or in my case munching on ice. The doctors and nurses were awesome, they made this experience doable.


So, what was so surprising? I thought it would be a breeze and I would bounce back faster than anyone, stupid thinking I know. I think I'm morning the loss of the old me, the one that flicked her nose at rules and did what she wanted. My sleeve said nay, nay nay you have to be accountable now. As I stomp my foot and say bummer! I've read a lot of posts where ppl say they love their sleeve, hum, love is sorta a strong word at the moment. We are tolerating each other at this time.


I was trying to drink Isopure, gag, gag, gag. Well I have a great shake that has a lot of protein I can drink in the am and pm with enough protein. So why am I trying to drink the crappy stuff? Silly me!


Now getting my fluids down! I want to take gulps and you know what gulps do. So I'm using lil cups to sip out of. Problem solved!


Next is gas. I swear I walked 2 miles a day at the hospital, not even one lil poof, notta piff, notta fuff. Nothing. I could burp a sailor under the table but no gas insite. Until I went home, that sailor would be proud! Lol


So as I'm laying here listening to the splitter, splatter of my new tummy I'm thinking... Lil Sleeve you better be worth it!!!


All for now.......


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I know where you're coming from. I woke up from recovery thinking, "My God! What have I done to myself!!!!!!!!!??????????"

I read so many posters saying, This was so easy - I had no pain or nausea - Only 3 days and back at work. I was hoping for the same easy path, but I was in real pain for about 6 days.

I couldn't eat much more than a couple of nibbles of a popsicle or a bite or 2 of sugar free Jell-O.

My stomach gurgled almost constantly - all day and all night. Sleeping more than an hour or two was the limit before the pain would wake me up.

But things kept getting better and by day 8 I was doing MUCH better and on day 10, I was back at work with no pain or discomfort.

It's day 31 for me, and I would do it all over again - as long as I didn't know about the pain thing :P

Things will get better, I promise. Just hang in there.

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I love this MrsGina. Yes, you will be great and it will all be worth it. You can see by the hundreds of people on here just like you! All of your comments are so true and so good for others to hear. If I had done this alone a few weeks ago without this site, I would have been a mess. Everything is similar to peeps experiences.

Good Luck MrsGina, but I am doubtful you will need it

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While reading this post it felt as if I was the one who had wrote it! I didn't get the "easy" surgery! I had it all! the vomiting, nausea, horrible gas pains! I am 4 weeks out and still have my days that I question whether I did the right thing but as you say what's done is done and no turning back now! I do have good days but I am no where near 'I would do it all over again" phase!

Hang in there!

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