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1 month post op check up



Little behind updating but i made it to my one month post op check up last week and i wanted a bigger number but I've lost 33lbs which after i stopped and thought about how many people lose 33 lbs in 1 months! so now i'm proud of my loss. My left thigh is still numb and slightly painful but he said in 6 months that should get better. This month i'm going to focus on my walking and i will pull a big number at my next check up in march! I'm great full for my supportive people i have. I return to work Monday after being gone 6 weeks so i'm dragging my feet there. I'm going to go in with a positive attitude and see how they react. most were jealous that i was getting time off for a surgery they found unnecessary. So i may just be walking back in to the lions den or i may not but what ever it is i will have my head held high! I'm 33lbs slimmer


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Congrats on your weight loss!! Best of luck on your weight loss journey. You are going to have some stalls, so try not to measure your success solely by the scale. Take pictures, and pay attention to how your clothes fit you.

As for your coworkers, be very careful with them. Some will encourage you, some will go out of their way to make you "regret" having the surgery. At first I shared with a few of them what I wanted to do. It got ugly lol! I stopped talking about it, because the thought of having surgery was enough. I did not need the unnecessary comments. One told me, maybe I did not know what to do with the money, so she suggested that I let her borrow it! She told me to just stop eating and I would not be so fat!!

So I changed tactic on them. I never mentioned the surgery. When I came back, I did the same. I was very vague and generic with my answers or didn't answer at all.

"How are you feeling? = I feel fantastic. How are you?"

"What do you eat? = whatever I want"

"how much can you eat?= as much as I want"

" how much have you lost?= not enough!!"

"how much do you weigh now? = child you must be crazy!!"

I knew it wasn't coming from a good place so I never shared my journey with them. I come to this site for all my venting, sharing, and bragging but that's it.

I would never forget, one came up to me and said You look the same to me. I smiled and said " so do you my dear".

Make sure you bring your meals with you, water bottle, and your snacks as well. I do not eat anything at the office that wasn't planned for by me.

Good luck to you on your journey!!!

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Oh my! You know what hon? You have done a fantastic job on your weight loss! Keep up the hard work. No one understands the pain and how hard it is for us but US. Don't let them bring you down, on the contrary just know they are jealous of your success! I am having my surgery on the 28th and have been really lucky with my co-workers being very supportive, but then I work in an office of 4 people. I am scared but happy at the same time.

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I am still pre-op and the thought of 33 lbs in a month makes me wanna do a happy happy dance!! Congrats and keep it up girl!!! I love LaBelle509's attitude!! I have shared my decision with some and have been surprised at one's that I believed would be supportive being out right cruel! I have a super supportive set of parents, daughter and brother..... and of course the best friend by my side.... I am already in love with this site and the encouragement and experience we bring to one another!! Be blessed and keep it up!!

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