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IDK...I just don't know....Sigh...



I'm almost at my 6 month mark. Since the surgery I have had about 40 lbs down (maybe more), definitely lots of inches. I don't feel the "restrictions" that some of you have posted to a significant degree. Yes, if I overeat, but I'm not 2 ouncing it and getting sick like some are posting. I feel like either 3 things exist:

1. I got a good handle on my limitations with my new stomach so I'm inherently just able to deal.

2. The doc didn't take out the 80% or better and my stomach is a little bigger than it should be.

3. My stomach is just stretched out significantly (but I just don't see that being the case).


I do feel that I'm able to tolerate more food than I should in one sitting though. The biggest issue I have is drinking with my meals. That....I've learned is a BIG no-no for my body. I will get sick. As long as I don't indulge in fried foods and eat slowly, I'm good for almost anything.


I still don't feel the pounds are coming off as fast as I'd like to, but I do confess that I've not been working out consistently for the past 2 months. I've had a couple of health scares with migraines and a neurological condition which I'm still getting dx tests to see what's going on. I just used the hospitalizations to justify my lack of working out.


BTW the reason I'm quoting 40 lbs (maybe more) is because I have held true to my resolution to not be a slave to the scale ("My Precious"). I have done well with that part!


Other good things...I've still not felt a true hunger pain since the surgery. I am battling mind hunger daily and those old tendencies to eat what I see just to feel better. I do give in to my sweet tooth for at least 1 week out of the month, but I now splurge on sugar free Russel Stover's Dark Choc Pecan Delights and sugar free caramels. I know they're still not calorie free, but it's still progress!


My last A1C wad 6.7, which is down from 11.3 (yep. I typed it right!) just prior to my surgery. I was on Metformin too when I clocked 11.3. Since July 14th, I've been off all diabetes meds and I'm sitting pretty at 6.7. That in and of itself was worth the surgery!


I'm no longer on hypertension meds. I have not been using my CPAP machine (sleep apnea) and I've been sleeping well, refreshed, no snoring!

Also my lymphedema in my left leg is all but gone.


So even if my weight loss seems slow, healthy wise, I'm still a winner. I will get back on the work out horse and hopefully be in the century club by the time my 1 year post-op comes round.


I am considering visiting a therapist though to address my stress issues and my mind hunger issues. I still feel I have a lot of emotional issues that I need to address with food.


I don't quite have my Sexxy Back, but I'm getting there.


Professionally I'm still struggling with the backstabbing Boss but I'm holding strong for now.....


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sounds like your doing well 40 lbs loss is great!!! everyone looses differently, sounds like You know what your doing wrong , so make some necessary adjustments and keep it pushing !!! Congrats on your weight loss that is Fabulous !!!

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