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3 days after surgery



It almost 5am and as usual, I cannot sleep because I slept too much during the day.


I'm happy to report that my surgery went fine. Each time I walk by the hospital chapel, I cry thanking God for this new opportunity.


I don't remember waking up from surgery, the dr explained they had to use a lot of anestecia because the fat from my belly was absorbing it fast. Whatever that means. All I know is that I was so high when I woke up in my room at night time. I barely could talk, move and was feeling no pain at all.


All night I was so thirsty, those hours were endless, but the next morning we had a leak test and finally I could have water. I felt discomfort with every sip, but nothing horrible. Whenever I'd go walk I'd get nauseous, but it has gotten better.


Today, hopefully, I can go to the hotel.

I don't like the teas or juices. I just loved the chicken broth I had today.


I'm a bit scare about the Fly back, it's 3 hours to get to Dallas and another 3 to get to Tampa.


But I already overcame the biggest fear, I can now do anything.


I'm happy! Thank you Jesus!


Thank you all who prayed for me!




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Congratulations!! I am 4 days post-op and i'm feeling pretty much the same as you. I did have a shower today and it felt good. I know i'm not getting all my fluids but I will just have to try harder. They repaired a hiatal hernia and that will makr it more difficult in the beginning. Here's to both of us having a speedy recovery. :)

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