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Week 34 And 35 (Little Over 8 Months Out - 54.6 Lbs Down)



Week 34 and 35 (little over 8 months out – 54.6 lbs down)


Last week’s weight – 191.8

This week’s weight – 191.4

Total weight lost this week – .4


Beginning weight – 246 lbs

Total weight loss since surgery – 54.6 lbs


I haven’t posted anything in a while mostly because I am feeling blah about my weight loss. I seem to be jumping up and down the same few pounds and not making any headway. Headway for me means (1) getting to 55 lbs lost and (2) getting into and starting to work on getting out of the 180’s.


The lack of scale movement is definitely a “me” thing. I do well for a few days and then don’t for a few days. Example – Yesterday I had a great breakfast (Chocolate Slim Fast High Protein Shake with a frozen banana) and lunch (spaghetti squash spaghetti) but then I ate a regular size Hershey’s bar. I went home and ate a small bowl of chips as a snack, My husband made french dip sandwiches on a sub roll and I ate three quarters of it (should have stopped at a half – my stomach was protesting). After that dinner settled I had three Tim Tam cookies (way too much…I should have stopped at one…they are very rich). I barely drank any water (maybe four glasses total for the day).


Thanksgiving was in that time frame and I ate a good deal of pumpkin bread pudding with cream sauce and drank wine. I did make a group go out for a walk after dinner in order to help digest the food better. My stomach was feeling it.


I’m still going to Crossfit 3x a week and I think that has helped keep the pounds from coming back in too drastic a fashion.


On the non-scale victory side I bought a pair of size 14R Levi jeans the day before Thanksgiving. They are curvy fit jeans and I bought them at full price because I fit in them. I can get in most size 14’s (as in pull them up and button them but they are still snug everywhere so I don’t think I can say that I am a size 14 yet but moving in that direction. I am 5’5”).


I am dreading our Christmas break because I tend to eat and drink alcohol when I am bored. I did buy a refurbished Vitamix and am looking forward to using it (whenever it arrives….geez it takes forever!)



In an effort not to focus too much on the negative I underlined my positives over the past two weeks in this post just as a reminder to me that I am still making progress and some good choices.


Today my meal plan is:


Breakfast - Chocolate high protein slim fast shake with frozen banana (7 a.m.)

Snack – 1 oz of plain almonds (10 a.m.)

Lunch – Left over spaghetti squash spaghetti (11:30 a.m.)

Snack – Atkins Bar (2 p.m.)

Dinner – Half a French Dip sandwich with small amount of chips (left overs)

Snack – 1 Tim Tam bar in warm milk


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congrats on your successes, you have been in onederland for awhile-you have lost almost 55 lbs - concentrate on that!!!

when is the last time you were under 200 lbs??? we all lose at our own pace - this is not a race - you have your whole life ahead of you - slow and steady.....

remember, its AGAINST the LAW to compare your weight loss, time it is taking you to lose weight, don't ever ever compare to others

you've made a couple of oooops, oh well - every day is new-you can do this-stay on program, drink all your water always-- be strong

(how's this for tough love)!!!!

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Maybe instead on the french dip sandwich and chips for dinner, you could have a grilled chicken salad with lite balsalmic vinegar dressing. If you really want the results that you desire then you have to work extremely hard to get it. Also, maybe you could begin hiking or swimming. Lastly, skip the hershey bars and save them for someone who isnt interested in losing weight. Stay focused!

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That's good that you had a loss over the holiday! I am finding that the further we are out with the surgery, the more snacking I've been doing. I maintained last week. I did manage to work out 3 times last week. I was eating way too many sweets and junk food. It's weird I got 2 weight loss compliments at work yesterday. So I think even though the scale isn't moving, we are shrinking. I know you are especially with doing those Crossfit workouts. I finally bought the XBox 360 Kinect yesterday and did the new Zumba Core this morning. I love it! I just need to stay motivated with these workouts. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I'm finding that I'm not up here much anymore. Take care!

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From reading your post it appears to me that you are no longer interested in losing any more weight. Is that right? You eating plan that you list is not for someone who wants to lose weight; chips, french dip, cookie? Really? If you truly want this you need to get back on track. Your calories are way to high almonds also are very high in calories.


Eat protein with a little veggie

Measure/weigh out your food

None to little carbs

No snacking

Good Luck!

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I know how easy it is to backslide but dont beat yourself up over it. It is time to get back to basics...you might check with your doctors office , mine offers a Back to Basics course for anyone that is slipping and needs that encouragement. Also, find those support groups, ours here is fantastic. It helps associating with others that understand what your going through. And *you go girl!* Crossfit? That is amazingly difficult I admire you...thats impressive...I plan on starting Krav Maga once I break 200...until then Zumba and walking:) I want to share a little action plan another lady on here posted to shoot for daily: 600-800 calories,64oz of fluid, (have you tried the MIO water enhancers? I love 'em, 40 carbs max (you need those carbs to excercise but try and get most your carbs from fruits and veggies) 60g minimum of protein. Thats a great outline and start keeping your journal/food journal:) I bet you'll be back on track in no time! And next time hubby makes French Dip Sandwiches, just leave off the bread and wrap that yummy roast beef up with chees in a lettuce wrap:) Good Luck my friend!

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