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14 Weeks Out, Up And Down At The Same Time.



Hi there- been awhile!

I am winning at some things and failing miserably at others. I've lost 48 lbs since surgery though which is great and I'm just about managing to eat properly even with the stresses of work and weird eating times.I've been sick a few times from eating too fast though which was horrible and I have to learn to make people leave me alone for that small time I have at lunch. Lots of work folks have commented on my WL and people are asking me how I'm doing it.


Unfortunately my exercise routine has dwindled to nothing- I leave for work at 6.20 am and get back at 5pm most days and then I normally have to spend time doing paperwork until about 7pm. I am just SHATTERED. I need to find a solution to this as it worries me a lot.Weekends are not much better at the moment. Not good.


I have drunk some red wine on two occasions and didn't have too bad a reaction, however I was very moderate with it. I have had to get some new clothes as my bottom half is now a UK size 16 and top half an 18 - I am going to buy cheap supermarket clothes when I fit into them so I don't spend too much on the downward journey. I am still struggling to get all of my water in and with my high protein diet, constipation is an issue.


Next month I will resume my psychologist meetings, she is so booked up it has been a real trial getting appointments. I have much to discuss, I feel quite depressed at times now that the "food crutch" has gone and this is not really like me at all. Subsequently work issues are really getting to me and I'm struggling a lot with being overwhelmed.


Back to the drawing board!


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Hallo skattie,you are doing just great.Just get some of those elastic bands and stretch it a little,its better than doing nothing.

As more weight comes off,you will start wanting to exercise again.And remember how tired I was all the time,well its a lot better now.Protein pancakes I tell you they are the bomb.Gives me the pick me up I need and it is a very filling meal.

Keep doing what you are doing.You must look fab by now.


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Mu surgery date was June 29. I am also about 50 lbs lighter. I have had to downsize my bottoms as well its a great feeling to go down in size instead of up. Exercising for me is an issue too. I work from 10 til 7 and am on my feet all day too, so when I get home I just want to relax. But I am making it a top priority. Good luck on the losers bench.

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There are all kinds of very brief "exercise at work" suggestions. Just a couple of minutes standing up, stretching, or chair exercises might relieve some of the stress you are feeling about missing exercise. I do 10 minute walks because I can't face the prospect of a longer one. Maybe you could try a 5 minute walk at lunch, IF there's any time left over.

Anything you do consistently, no matter how small, will build your exercise habit and get you headed toward more exercise in the future.

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Thanks for the encouragement people. Desertmom- are these protein pancakes from the world according to eggface? Can you make a batch and freeze them?

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