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Fear Of The Scale....my Precious!



I'm over it. I don't want to look at the scale anymore! I feel like freaking Frodo with that thing. "My Precious" keeps calling me. I have to resist. I don't want my success being tied to a number. My clothes feel loose. I'm getting more energy. I'm sucking it up with my work.... (actually...I started looking for another job last week!).


I'm getting things done. I feel healthier. PPL say I'm looking good. Getting compliments. What's the obsession with the number?


I'm going to try to go a whole month w/o getting on that darn thing! Wish me luck!


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I always believed that it's not in the numbers..... it's ur clothes that tell u... and when I'm in the shower, I always look in the mirror and see the difference, especially in my thighs and butt cheeks :), I also feel lighter, so what the hell with the numbers......

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i do not have a scale in my house. i am just relying on my dietician/doctor appointments. i don't need the constant questioning of my body. i have done that long enough. if you can't get rid of your scale entirely maybe you can pick one day a week to weigh yourself? :)

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LOL Gmanbat. I needed that one. It's been almost a week and I have not given in to My Precious. I also has NSV today in that I am COMFORTABLY in a 2X shirt. (Previously I rolled in the 4Xes. 3Xes if it was stretchy).

My 2X black peasant blouse is doing me well.

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My Precious got a victory today....At least 4 ppl within the past week commented on now good I'm looking.

1-My neighbor (a few houses down) who I have had maybe 4 conversations with since they moved into the neighborhood about 3 yrs ago, pulled up on side of me while I was at my mail box and said how good I was looking. She congratulated me on my walking and just wanted me to know she noticed. (She does not know I got anything done either).

2-My co worker pulled me aside and said I needed to buy some new shirts because my current ones were just looking to big.

3-My boss told me I needed to buy new pants becuase my current ones were looking like baggy pajamas and they probably were going to fall off.

4-My employee, told me she needed to quit procrastinating and get on the walking trail with me cause I am looking good.....

Ok with 4 compliments I got curious as to how much I lost and gave in to Precious just to see.....I'm officially leading off with a 2XX LBs category. I was very happy, but then regretted getting on the scale. I'm going to try to deter from getting on Precious for the full 4 weeks as I planned. I'm going to try to focus on the exercise and diet.

Hopefully I can do it.....but it was nice to see the scale move and to have ppl notice.

I finally saw myself on a recent picture from my GYRLS NITE OUT and for the very 1st time I could see the change. I AM LOOKING GOOD!

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