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Happy One Month?

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~*~ Melissa ~*~


Today marked my one month anniversary of being sleeved and I'm still contemplating whether or not I made the right decision. Since it's not reversable, seems as though it's going to be a rough road. One month out and I'm never hungry- still drinking the broth of soups. Tried mashed potatoes and ate four bites and had one slice of ham and cheese from a lunchable and feel blah. I'm never hungry to begin with which makes eating hard since it's forced and not enjoyed. I have refried beans and tuna but neither sound appealing. I question if this will ever get better. I really wish I could turn back the hands of time :/

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I am a newbie, no surgery yet. I've read your posts and it sounded like you were doing well. What happened? Maybe you are just having a bad day. From what I have read, it's common to be very emotional the first month or so. You've taken a huge step to be healthier and happier. I hope you feel better about your decision tomorrow.

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I'm around my 3 week mark and I have felt that way as well. So far I've been eating mashed potatoes and soup. Just about the only things I ENJOY eating. My mother had the gastric bypass about a year ago and she's been my rock through the entire process, keeps telling me everything will get better. Not to mention I have a FANTASTIC surgeon who is the sweetest man on the planet and is more than willing to help me through any rough spots. I hope you find some people who can help you through the same way I have.

Good luck!!!

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