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One Month Out Today



I am one month out today, and I am so pleased with my sleeve so far. I have really recovered well and so far I have lost 11.2 kgs or 24 lbs


I tried on some clothes yesterday so i could work out size-wise what i need to keep and chuck out and was SO pleasantly surprised that I will have to buy new clothes sooner than I thought.


I'm still swimming about 6 days a week and I'm really getting in lots of protein, some days I'm even over 100 grams.


I have a few issues with BM but have found a helpful laxative tea, I am still a little sore if I try and lift something I shouldn't and getting in water is a bit of a chore.


However, my recovery as been so smooth, I really have nothing to worry about. I really think my surgeon Dr Abdulsalman Al Taie did a fantastic job, my incisions have closed up so quickly and my soreness has been extremely minimal- he went in ,cut , stapled and got out with very little trauma to my insides. I am thankful I don't have nausea at all, or acid issues.

I think I can safely say I LOVE MY SLEEVE!


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Wow, congratulations! It is so good to hear a positive story about the sleeve - as my surgery date gets closer any negative story seems more "real" so it is nice that there is another side too :) It's important to hear both sides! Congrats again!

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Congratulations! I was one month out on the 27th. I had some rough patches, but am finally getting comfortable with things and starting like my sleevie!

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Amazing update and congrats on the weight loss - that is so fantastic! I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so it's encouraging to know that you're swimming so quickly after surgery! One thing I always associated with swimming was being absolutely FAMISHED afterwards.. do you find that you're still (relatively) hungrier after swimming a few laps?

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congrats to you!!you go girl!!might i ask,how do you manage to get in that much protien,thats one of my main concers is that ill struggle getting in enough...any tips?

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@Birdy18 - i don't really feel hungry after swimming, although I do feel thirsty. I haven't had any "famished" feelings after the sleeve just a few head-hinger feelings that I've talked myself out of.

@traceylynn - if you want to see what I eat on MFP, feel free to add me, my name on there is Buzzyi and my food diary is open to everyone. I typically try to keep my carbs below 30 and try to get in as much protein as possible at each meal as well as having 1 isopure shake a day. I usually split the shake in half and drink it in two separate sessions a few hours apart so i know I can get all that protein in- it is 50 grams per drink so that is a lot of the reason why I'm getting so much in. I don't have much of a problem getting liquid down, I've just gone off the taste of plain water sadly.

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@lexnurse I really can't stand most of the protein shakes now, But I've discovered that if I add strong cooled decaff coffee and ice to the vanilla one, it is really drinkable and kinda like an iced latte. I have also found my nails have grown like weeds and so has my hair and I'm convinced it is the isopure- I have one a day for breakfast.

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