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Atkins - Post Op?



I've been reading the Atkin's Diet Revolution for a few days. Believe it or not, I've never actually read any of the Atkin's books and was very unfamiliar with the diet other than seeing the shakes in Wal-mart, which I've brought from time to time.


What sparked my interest was when I saw a food pyramid or something that took a snap shot of the FDA program and Atkin's and other low carb plans. The pyramid made sense to me and I've always been a meat eater so with all the emphasis us sleevers have on protein, the approach made sense (at least on paper).


I'm still reading, but I was wondering if anyone has adopted the low carb plan in their post-op life and does it work for sleevers? Does putting your body in ketosis or lypolysis, work for a sleever on regular foods in the long-term? Is the induction phase safe for sleevers.



(Now I definitely plan on having this conversation with my doctor and nutritionist, but I just wanted to hear others chime in on their personal experiences, if they have any).


Right now, it seems to make sense to me. I don't feel it's a feasible option, until I'm cleared for regulars.


Any input appreciated!

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In my opinion, the diet we have to follow once we get on regular food is essentially the Atkins diet. We definitely go into ketosis if we are following our diet correctly.

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