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1 Month Anniversary = A Freeing Insight



Yes, today is 1 month out of surgery. And what have I learned? And how much have I lost?


What I've learned is.............I don't know how much I've lost and just don't care to watch the scale. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was FUN to watch that scale like a hawk for the first couple of weeks. The pounds literally melted away over night.


And then..........I hit the stall.......and got scared.


Met with my surgeon 3 weeks post op and was immediately questioning him. He reviewed what I was eating and told me to EAT.......yes, EAT. His words were "quit worrying about calories and just eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full." Of course, he followed with the guidance to eat sensibly, if I consumed milk shakes all day I certainly would stop losing weight and start gaining............ok


So I've learned 1) don't be stupid, eat girl! 2) be active, the more I move the more I want to, and 3) give up the old habit.


See, the old habit of counting every single bite that went into my mouth and watching the scale like a hawk got me in this situation in the first place. It was a vicious cycle.....eat strictly - not the results I anticipated, back to trash intake - increase in weight, feel like I don't deserve good things so punish myself by either starving or binging on garbage, slap myself back into reality and back on the diet band wagon........and so on and so forth.


So I am measuring my success in this journey (at this point) by how my digestive track is functioning (if I eat enough food, I poop w/o problems), how my clothes are fitting, how my face and hair are looking, and how I'm feeling. I'm down a full size in jeans......and the smaller ones fit just right, not to tight, but not saggy bottom either. My bras fit differently. My daughter noticed I have a waist. My hair is not falling out (I must admit, I remain a dedicated consumer of the Unjury protein shakes daily), my skin on my face looks better than it has in years (less puffy) and I am beginning to rediscover my old energy. I like moving. I don't hurt after I walk or do a little weight resistance work.....and I don't hate exercise any more.


Not sure when I'll step on a scale again.........and not really stressing about it is an unbelievable release from a life long burden!


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I am 18 days out...and haven't lost a pound in 5 days. Terrifying! This board is keeping me sane though - I am eating 60g of protein a day, drinking my fluids, and moving! I have faith it will continue on down. still scary......but I know it WILL pass!!

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Great post. I'm a month away from my surgery (so nervous, so excited, so scared!) but this is a really great insight. When I was successful and going up an down with my weight loss, I was so hard on myself with everything I did or didn't do with food, exercising, you name it. Weighing myself twice daily just made me think and feel crazy. I like that how you're saying to think is a way to pay attention to your body in a sane, healthy, re-establishing a relationship with food type of way.. I think that would be helpful for me to remember as I continue!

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Great insight. I pray I can get out of my vicious cycle of weighing everyday, and obsessing. You are right, the things that have led us down this path. You sound like you are in a great place. Congratulations on your successes.

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