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Energy Needed....



I'm hitting a wall with the energy level now. It's taking a lot to get going of late. I'm still enthusiastic mentally about this progress. I'm just beginning to see the scale move post-surgery. I'm hydrating well and tending to the diet of full liquids. Protein intake is on point. I'm working out daily (with the exception of Sundays). I'm doing what's being requested. I even started Biotin today to help with hair loss.


Any other suggestions on getting my energy levels up? I return to work this Wednesday and I want to be up and going. Not drab and tired. I got A LOT on my plate when I return to the office! I need ENERGY.


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Hi - I haven't been sleeved so to a certain extent I will say that I don't know what I am talking about. But sometimes with low energy (generally from a medical perspective) it can be helpful to adjust your expectation of yourself during this period. For now, it might be tough to do all you used to do. That's okay - you've had major surgery. If you can adjust your expectation about what you're going to be able to do it might make it easier to cope. You'll be kinder to yourself, take more breaks and not push yourself to the "limit". Sure you still may struggle wtih low energy but it may not worry you quite as much.

I hope this is helpful :) Cheers, Lila

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Thank you Lila, That makes sense. I hope you get your sleeve approved. Of all the WLS it was definitely the one for me and despite this little issue, I could not be happier with my decision.

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In the begining my energy level was VERY low. I needed a nap every day. Once you start mushies your energy will increase. Just nap when needed (if possible). I am 2 months post op and my energy is great. Although I do notice if I eat poorly my energy is very low. I also went back to work at 1 week post op. I am a deputy and on the go the entire 12 hours of my shift. Just give it time and keep up the good work!!

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