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Libido After Vsg



I'm just wondering how soon after the surgery do you even look toward intimacy? I'm not forseeing any time in the near future me wanting to go there, but how does the tide turn?


As a female I don't find the stitches particular working for my mojo, nor the challenge of learning to eat and adjust to my new stomach. My husband on the other hand is not looking to be 6 weeks or more out of the saddle as he says.


Ladies, how soon after surgery can I realistically anticipate getting my mojo back!


Guys, how about you? What are you thoughts/feelings on this matter. Post Op, were you raring to go quickly or did it take several weeks or months to get back in the saddle.


Just curious and concerned.


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My husband was afraid to touch me at first, said he didn't want to bust a stitch or create any leaks (not sure exactly what he was envisioning but he was rather apprehensive)! We waited about 2 months - which seemed like forever. When in doubt...be creative. :-)

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I am a little over 2 weeks post-surgery and I have to say I was very ready a few days ago...My Husband on the other hand was scared he was going to hurt me so he made me call and ask the doctor if it was ok so go ahead and be intimate...althought I didn't want to call and ask I did it to make him feel better and my nurse told me to go ahead and have a great weekend LOL...it was fine for me no pain and no discomfort either

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I am 11 days sleeved and I've had sex twice in a row. Thursday and Friday nite. It was awesome, just go slow and be careful. I just felt like it will be ok, if we just take our time.

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Lol @ Sexy Mary.... You go gyrl! My hubby, while anxious to "get back in the saddle," says absolutely NOT until I get off the blood thinners. He's shooting for next Thursday! LOL. I told him I still haven't felt my MOJO come back.....

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