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Post-Surgery Visit



I had my first post op visit with the surgeon yesterday. Overall I've lost a total of 2lbs since discharge. A bit disappointing since I've not cheated on my liquid diet and have been walking EVERY DAY, sometimes twice a day. I'm taking in less than 1000 calories a day. What gives?


He said not to be focus on the scale, because everything else is looking pretty darn good.

I'm not cramping, my swollen feet are all but gone. I'm able to drink my 4 oz w/o much difficulty. No apparent blood clots.


I went to my PCP the day before and they took me off my hypertension meds and well as my metformin (diabetes med) but told me to monitor my sugars and blood pressure to see where they go. This was great news. Since discharge my BP hasn't gone above 130 and my sugar are normal. My surgeon discharged me from hospital with a suspended med regimen noting that if my sugar went above 200, to take half my metformin dose and if the top number of my BP went to 150 to take 1/2 my blood pressure pill until I follow-up up with the PCP. Leading up to my visit with the PCP I did not have to take anything! All was stable and within normal limits! PCP said to stay off them, but continue to check and come back in 30 days. One huge step for me.


Back to surgery follow-up.....

My lymphedema in my left leg has improved significantly, but he said I'm still Stage 2. Discoloration, thickened skin and susceptible to ulceration and possible infection. The discoloration may never correct itself.

Overall the "leathery" appearance has gotten noticeably better so I have hope.


Doctor wants me to focus on staying fit and moving on to the purree food zone in about week. Overall I'm not feeling any pain. Wounds are healing well. Clothes definitely feeling loose, but scale not reflecting that much of a change.


Will keep trying. I was in pretty bad shape so I think It's going to take me longer to hit my stride with the pounds melting off. I've gotten the hydration down to a science so I don't think that's going to be a problem.


Return to work date is 07/18/2012, but I'm a desk jockey so I don't see it being an issue for me. No abdominal discomfort and overall feeling very blessed.


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Hey if this helps, let me say it. There is this thing I forgot what it is called, but it is where your body makes glycogin I think, and there is about like 6 to 8 lbs of water to make this in the mucles, and when you start the ketosis thing, the body uses all the glycogin (might really be called something else) in the mucles, it has to store up another 6 to 8 lbs of water to make / disolve more of this glycogin. So you really could be loosing a lot more than before.

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Thank you! I will look into it. I know this is a journey so I'm being patient. We all tell ourselves to that we don't want to compare and be competitive with anyone but ourselves. Human nature though is to see the scale move quickly. I'm making a commitment to try not to get back on on one until my next follow-up! LOL. That's probably going to be harder to keep than I'd care to admit.LOL.

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I just noticed your surgery was July 3rd and mine was done on July 2nd. Did you go to First Street Hospital? I tried malt-o-meal today last night and again today and it was fine. It has taken me 3 sittings to finish one serving...LOL! BTW I had only lost 3 pounds and someone made a post to tell me that was fine because most folk gain weight. The swelling causes you to gain after surgery and your body has to adjust first. I know my clothes and face shows I lost weight but not the scale. I am trying to patiently wait on that! LOL!

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Yes. I was at 1st street on the 2nd floor. My room was right across from the nurse's station and I was walking up and down the hallways like a maniac trying to get all that gas out. I've been doing well and haven't really had any trouble eating the 4 ounces and drinking the liquids. This has been a bit concerning, but Dr. Mirza just chuckled and said to stay off the scales and work the program.

WLS is a tool to get you where you need to be. I made a promise to not get on the scale until my next follow-up in 3 weeks. I couldn't resist though and just got on it. I'm starting to lose... I've lost 3 more LBS!

My clothes feel lose and my feet are definitely doing better in regards to swelling.

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How funny...I am the same way and when I went in to see him I had lost 3 pounds from the day of surgery. My clothes really haven't changed much but everyone at work can tell I have lost weight because it shows in my face. I can't wait for the rest of my body to get the memo...LOL! Well keep up the good work and I am going to try my best to stay off the scale as well!

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