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3 Days Post Op- Water!



I'm 3 days post op now. Discharged yesterday and I'm home. I'm focused on staying hydrated and keeping the water moving. I'm on full liquids for the next two weeks and I'm not even blinking at it. I have NO HUNGER at all. It's a bit shocking. To not be hungry. No cravings.... My mom stopped by a burger joint on my way home to get my boys some lunch and I didn't even salivate at the smells of french fries and bacon burgers! It phased me not one bit. (My mom was hesitant about stopping to get burgers because of my condition, but I told her to let the boys be boys for now. They eat pretty well most of the time).


I tried plain yogurt and it didn't go down well at all. I used to love yogurt with a little bit of lemon juice. I've been able to tolerate creamy of chicken soup pretty well. I tried chicken broth with a little bit of spice and it did not go down well. Vegetable broth is a winner!


I'm pretty sure I will not be able to do spice for a while. I thought I'd be really leaning on the sugar-free popsicles, but I find them a bit too sweet. I"m going to try SF jello today. Right now it's all about the crystal light and water. A sip every 15 minutes! I do not want to get dehydrated and that's my biggest obstacle for now.


I'm also doing deep breathing exercises every two hours to ensure I don't develop pneumonia. That's a challenge, but I'm staying on course. I also have a little machine to work on my legs. It does compressions on my calfs when I'm idle to prevent blood clots. I also have a 10 day regimen of blood thinners in the form of shots in my tummy. It seems like a lot, but my doctor is very thorough and I truly LOVE the office for that. I feel well taken care of.


I'm staying away from the scales until my follow-up. Initial consult weigh was 339 lbs, Day of surgery I registered 325 lbs. At discharge I was 326 lbs (mainly due all the water they were pumping into me). My follow-up is next Thursday. So we'll see where I land.


Taking it day by day.... GOALS: WALK WALK WALK. DRINK DRINK DRINK.


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Wow!!! You are one great loser now! Congratulations on your surgery and sounds like you are recovering well. Keep you chin up! Can't wait to see how much weight you have lost at your follow up visit!

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The belly shot doesn't hurt at all, but the process is a little frightening to me. I admittedly couldn't do it myself in the hospital and chickened out to have my mom do it for me. She's an insulin dependent diabetic so it didn't phase her. I find needles all together unappealing. I will do it myself today though. The key is to angle the needle into your flesh and not stab at it.

Wish me luck!

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Newbie here,

OMG, BELLY SHOTS?? Does everyone do those? Today I also heard talk of "pain balls" and "drains"! Never heard of any of this yet. My surgery is Aug. 15. Can anyone fill me in?

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no not everyone does those.I didnt have to do belly shots or have a drain,every dr is different. so dont panic

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I have to do the belly shots for a month...my mom passed away in March from one and my doctor is being very thorough. I am trying to get the liquids down but my throat and stomach tighten up when I drink...any suggestions?

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I've found drinking my liquids at room temparature versus cold or hot has been extremely helpful. I also use crystal light (fruit punch or pomegranate flavor) instead of plain water. My doctor says to drink at least 3 of the tall skinny bottles a day so I shake and carry them with me EVERYWHERE. The dieticians and discharge ppl said to try to take 1 ounce every 15 minutes so you stay on track. I've found that just carrying the bottle and sipping every 10 minutes to keep my stomach active works best for me.... I don't wait around.... I just casually take a sip while talking or watching TV. I try not to go too long w/o giving my belly something.....

Of course when I'm on solid or purees, that'll change, but it seem good to just keep the tummy working. When I wait longer or it seems my stomach spasms and I get gassy (belching) for a second before it goes down. I think when you're on liquids, you just need to keep things moving so your new stomach can take on the harder stuff in phase 2.

I'm actually enjoying the challenge, but I'm trying not to overthink everything and take it one phase at a time to see what works best for me. All of this information from other sleevers is truly helpful and I enjoy all of the tips I've gotten.

In regard to your loss, I extend my sympathies. I, too, had a relative pass with a pulmonary embolism related to a deep vein thrombosis due to lymphedema, so I'm hypersensitive to the issue.

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@Patsy- Belly shots!!

It's just an injectable blood thinner versus a pill. I'm just a chicken when it comes to needles, but it's really benign. It's a little needle that's prefilled and you just tap, angle and push. With that being said as a scaredy cat, I just couldn't do it myself. It's relatively painless, more like an accupunture...

Thank heavens my mom and husband are doing it for me.

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I had good luck with iced drinks. Ice water, iced flavored water and very cold protein shakes.. Just keep hydrated. It takes a little time. I love chicken but coul not eat it for about 6 weeks- it did not taste good. Hang in there you will be marvelous!!!!!

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