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All The Things

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Okay so basically I have my consult on Monday at 9:45 AM and have gotten confirmation that all the stuff for financing is set up and after I get my surgery date on Monday then they will send me the last of the paperwork.


Aside from that I've been trying to make some "lists" because since I am not going through insurance, my surgery will probably be sometime this month! I need to get everything all together that I need but I feel like I am missing things.


So far for my "in general" shopping list, which includes items I'll need pre-op and post-op:


- low sodium broth

- baby food

- SF popsicles/fudgsicles

- chewable vitamins

- sublingual B12

- protein powders/shakes

- Gas X strips

- a huge t-shirt for comfort at night

- jello mixes

- "cream of" soups for puree weeks

- ramekins

- stick blender or magic bullet blender

- storage containers for broth etc

- kitchen scale


What am I missing???

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After surgery, many of us have a temporary "plain water" intolerance. I bought the individual powder packets of G2 and Powerade Zero so I could do my little sips of clear liquids the first week after surgery. (I was not allowed anything but clears for the first week). G2 has a few more calories than the powerade zero, so it felt like i was getting something good with the electrolytes. I still use the powered even now. (I hate drinking water :P )

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Oh, one more thing..however much you buy...it will be too much. ;) Just sayin'....be prepared for leftovers. I still have a ton of soup cans in my cabinet i will never use. And baby food.

Carmex or chapstick. Most people need it directly post op.

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Crystal Light is something I heard was useful. I also bought Isopure and am drinking that now during my pre op clear liquid only diet.

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