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Last Minute Labs



As I read my paperwork on Friday, I see that I should have been sent for additional labs after my pre-op apt this week. It's Friday and the Dr. office is already closed! I leave a message in hopes someone will get back to me and am fortunate that someone does. She says, yes you were supposed to have labs drawn, but don't worry the lab is open on Sat from 8-4pm. Relieved, I leave work early today and get there at 2pm, their signs says they closed at 1pm! Closed Sunday. So now I am really nervous, because I have surgery on Tues and am praying that if I get there when they open on Monday, it will still be in time. Pray with me that it will be enough time, because I only have two weeks off work and can't afford to have surgery postponed another week. My surgeon only does surgery on Tuesdays.


3 nights to go, I hope!


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Oh gosh, I had something like this similar happen to me recently, I was told I need a H-Pylori breath test done, but before I had it, I would need 2 weeks off my prilosec first. My surgery is June 4th. Biggest issue is, if I had the H-Pylori bacteria, I would have had to go on 14 day antibiotic treatment first, which would have postponed surgery and everyone has taken off for the surgery already. Luckily, they switched the breath test to a blood test, and I tested Negative.

Sending prayers that the blood work will be on time. They are probably doing a Blood Type test and a clot test, to see how fast your blood clots, which only takes a day to get back, so it should be in the next morning, especially if you are having it done at the same place you are having surgery. Best of luck t o you.

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Will be up at 530 am to get to the lab for the test that need to be drawn before surgery! Hope they get the results in time!

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