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Family Concerns



Now that I am in the week before surgery, my family who is very supportive, has shared there fears and concerns with my about the procedure I am electing to have. They have made it a point to make sure I know how much they love me no matter what I weigh. This week I am having to reassure them, that I am making a very educated choice, not just because of a jean size, but for my future health. I have a great surgeon who will be doing her best for a great outcome. I know there is always a fear regarding any medical procedures, I'm just going to have to rely on God to see me through.


Only 5 nights to go, I'm so anxious, I hope these nights go by fast because I can't think of anything else. Just have to get through 2 more days of work, pray I can keep my head in the game!


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Sending prayers to you and to your family. I know my family could definitely use them as well.

Only a handful of people in my family know, my parents, my husband and son and one good friend in Canada. My brother's their wives, cousins and even my closest friends do not know.

One of my biggest supporters is my 73 year old father, who is now starting to have cold feet. He told me yesterday, I wish it was over with already before I change my mind, I'm like Dad, I'm the one having it lol. So I told him all the reasons for me to have surgery and he said he's going to be a nervous wreck until it's done, which makes it more nerve wracking on me.

I'm going to write my list of reasons WHY I am having the surgery and what I have to look forward to in the future, to help get me and my family get through the next 17 days.

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Thanks for all your comments and support! I like the idea of writing a list of why I'm having the surgery and what I look forward to, I'm going to write one too. My husband made a similar comment as your dad Mina, he said nothing will be the same for at least a year! Maybe not the same, but I hope it's even better once we get through the surgery and adjustment period.

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